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    30 Proven Ways To Build Your Confidence

    Glad to hear it Shaka! Celebrating small wins is one of my personal faves too. I am always looking to high five people when they or we accomplish something, even if its just a little thing. It really boosts our moods!
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    30 Proven Ways To Build Your Confidence

    Yeah, getting outside of your comfort zone is very important for personal growth. It is by far the best way to build your confidence in my opinion because doing so really forces you to adapt and change to your new surroundings. That's why I wrote a book about it because I think it such an...
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    30 Proven Ways To Build Your Confidence

    Hi Everyone, I just posted a big article (5000 words) about 30 ways to build your confidence: here I have a couple questions for anyone who would care to read it. 1)Can you think of any suggestions for things that could be added to this list? 2)How many of these things have you done in your...
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    Habit building is an important skill, Tell me some success stories!

    Hi Everyone, I'm coming out with a blog post about habits pretty soon. I'd love to hear some of your success stories about building new habits or getting rid of bad ones. I am an avid coffee drinker, drinking 2-3 cups per day. After watching a documentary on sugar decided to cut down on my...
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    Boosting self-confidence

    Two things really help. Self-love and doing courage. You felt down on yourself until you got some friends who started to encourage you. They showed you that you don't have to be shy or not think much of yourself, they increased your confidence by telling you that you were okay. You can do...
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    Does anyone else love learning new things in their leisure time?

    Yeah, do what you love for sure. Just don't get bogged down thinking that you have to make a "perfect" choice. Chances are you'll love 5 things and only be able to do 2-3 of them.
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    Does anyone else love learning new things in their leisure time?

    Yeah totally! Everyone only has 24 hours in the day, there's no way you can do everything. Sometimes it's more about just making a choice than making the "right" choice. You could spend your whole life trying to make the "perfect" choice but really you would just be wasting a bunch of time...
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    Another Plea: Looking to Guest Post

    I would also be interested in guest posting on each other's sites. Let me know if you are interested. Click on the link to my website in my signature.
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    Does anyone else love learning new things in their leisure time?

    Usually when I think of what other people imagine their best leisure time to be, it's sitting back and relaxing, not doing much. Maybe they watch a movie, go hang out with friends etc. But for me I really love learning. I am always learning about something new, just for the fun of it. I am...
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    How do you deal with an unethical person?

    Some people make the mistake of thinking they can get away with being unethical. You may in the short run, but it will catch up to you, and when it does you'll be much worse off. Acting ethically is how we win in the long run, it's the proven long-term winning strategy. In my business we set...
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    What is Personal Development?

    Personal development is an amazing thing! I love the process of overcoming challenges and learning new things. I always seek the next level because the process of self improvement is addicting to me. I get great satisfaction out of pushing myself forward in life.
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    Hi everyone

    Hello, My name is iain twiddy. I am interested in self improvement and constant learning. I run a physical business during the day and work on self development the rest of the time. I currently go to my local Toastmasters group to work on Public Speaking skills and to build my confidence. I...