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    Hard To Say I Am Sorry?

    In many instances, when people experience arguments or disagreements there can also be a sense of stubbornness. In many cases, this stubbornness is not simply just a desire to stand up for one's own views, but instead a much stronger desire to be the "winner" of the argument or to be the one who...
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    How do I get rid of negative thoughts that make me feel like giving up?

    Pretty much everybody experiences negative thoughts from time to time, and it's completely normal be frustrated by them. That being said, the one thing I feel most people overlook, is why we have negative thoughts. Oddly enough, negative thoughts and in fact all human actions typically serve a...
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    How to develop patience?

    From my own experience: To understand the key to patience you must understand the key to impatience, and impatience generally comes from a lack of inner peace. This lack of inner peace typically comes from core beliefs that tell you that there is something wrong in the current situation you are...
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    Living life and loving it.

    Living life and loving it.