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    What do you love and hate about personal development?

    I like personal development because it tends to spill all over your life even if you just tend to focus on one area of your life. We tend to become our environment and the great thing about personal development is that we get to control that environment through books, CDs, videos, etc. You see...
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    What do you do to get motivated in the morning?

    For me the first thing that I do in the morning is to gain clarity on my dreams and goals. Motivation is something that only we ourselves can do, no one else can do it for us. That is done though clarity of what we need to do in order to achieve our dreams and goals. Once we have clarity on...
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    Juice for Health

    We don’t have a juicer yet, so what we do is use a blender instead. Sometimes the thickness varies so we just add water to adjust it to our preference. Check this site out for some recipes:,,20559953,00.html
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    Easy way loss your weight

    I like the idea of keeping focused on the big picture. One thing that I can add is that healthy eating should become a lifestyle and not just a onetime thing you do in order to lose weight. I suppose the important question to ask is not whether you can continue eating healthy for a couple of...
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    Side Stitch?

    I’ve recently started jogging. I find that I often get a side stitch so I did some research and found that this pain is caused by the internal organs pulling down on the diaphragm. Although there doesn’t seem to be much agreement to why side stitches occur. For me the best solution is take deep...
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    Share your favourite Affirmations/Mantras!

    I say my affirmations every day. I have a growing collection and although they don’t get me hyped up right there and then I find that they keep me on the right track and start my day in the right frame of mind. I would say my most important one and the one that I always start with is: “I am...
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    If you want to know why someone is successful all you have to do is look at their habits. What you’ll find is that successful person doesn’t do much different from the average person. All a successful person has is a higher quality of habit and are more consistent in their habits. These are...
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    The first Plan of Action.. Affirmative :)

    Wow, I like it! I tend to also like action more than anything else. The great thing about writing a blog is that you get good writing practice. Even if you are a good writer I still believe it’s good to write everyday because it keeps you in the ‘zone’ of writing. Most people visualize but...
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    What do YOU want out of personal development?

    Hi Personal development offers me the chance to become a better person and helps me become more than what I currently am. It is not so much what happens to us in our lives but rather how we deal with it and react to those situations. We often cannot control the things that happen to us in our...
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    What is the end goal for everyone?

    I believe that the end goal for everyone is happiness. However many people get caught up in the destination myth of when I achieve so and so then I’ll be happy. Happiness has to be internal and not external; when this happens it is very difficult to take happiness from you. Generally I find...
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    How Do You Define "LOVE"?

    From a relationship point of view I believe that love is not so much a feeling but rather a decision to be with someone. Let’s face it nobody is perfect. Everyone has flaws and looking beyond those flaws and seeing that person for who they really are is the most important idea behind a...
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    Which is Energy(Motivation) video you watch everyday?

    I don’t think that there is any particular vid that I watch every day. I enjoy the Anthony Robbins vid the most Here is one of my favorites :
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    What Books Are You Reading?

    Reading is such a huge part of the personal development world. We all have had those moments when reading a book where we just stop to reflect and think, "Wow!" What book has done that for you? And what books are you currently reading? For me, I'm reading: Turn the Page by Chris Brady We...
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    You should consider forgiveness whenever you can. I was once told “Not forgiving someone is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.” I would like to be able to take this advice but when you are in the situation it is much harder to let go of all those negative emotions and...
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    A relationship must be 2-way

    Of course all relationships are two way. Unfortunately people tend to focus on the fact that the other person is not them first. They tend to say things like “If she isn’t putting me first why should I?” or “If he doesn’t why should I?” This is the wrong way to think. If you do everything with...