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    Patience...Do you have it?

    Elle, I used to be very much like you. Then life forced me in to one of those situations where there is no other choice but to learn patience. I am still working on it, but I have learned a lot about patience. It is a virtue, which means patience is work. The definition of virtue according to...
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    Getting Rid of Negative People

    If they are negative people, then they are negative people. It is what it is, no matter if it is intentional or not. There are few options with what to do with these people. Negative people, bring negativity on to themselves. They attract it, without knowing they are the cause of their own doom...
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    Focus on good habits to erase old ones

    I have finally stopped biting my nails. I am so proud of myself because I have been biting them for many years. I finally figured out that I can not stop a habit by thinking about it all the time, and if I am worried or having doubts. Instead I chose new habits to erase the old one with...
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    How do you insert exercise into your hectic work day?

    I spent 200 on weight machines so I could just head to the basement when I need to work out. People are having a hard time facially, and some people are willing to part with exercise machines at a low price. If you just put it out there, someone might realize they can make some money off...
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    Do You Believe in God?

    I believe in God. I also believe that there is one God. I think that various peoples and cultures have interpreted God in such a way that the differences develop various religions. Still, I think we all worship the same god, even if we perceive him to be different.
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    What do you think makes for a good relationship in a marriage?

    Honesty, respect trust and space are all mandatory to me in a relationship. I am happy to give this to another person, but the person MUST give them back. I know sometimes it takes time to build these things, but a person can only wait so long for another person to get on board.
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    A brief outline for people wanting to make money online

    Step one is very important. Sometimes it is worth it to slow down and find that perfect Niche. My first website was a hubpages. I had a perfect niche AND my own original pictures. With 20 articles on hubpages I was making $200 a month within three months. I still make $100 on that site every...
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    Not Well-Liked? Spend More Time Being Other-Conscious

    You are making the gears in my head go. I wonder. Do you think getting overly self-conscious can be a factor that leads to depression. If you are focused inward, and begin to get depressed then it would only make the depression seem that much worse. I wonder if that is why giving, and helping...
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    How to be an early riser

    I was reading the blog attached to the forum. There is an article that has convinced me there are benefits to early rising. Here is the thing, even if I go to bed on time I have a horrible time waking up in the morning. I have to get up at 3 AM most days, and I always feel tired. I eat well...
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    A woman’s place

    I agree and disagree with you. I do think that men and women are different creatures. I think each has to understand that there are differences. Forget trying to unserstand all the differences. Man will never be woman and woman will never be man. We will never truly understand the opposite sex...
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    How do you plan, reach and record you goals?

    I plan to reach my goals by never giving up. I also plan to reach my goals by keeping them in mind. What I mean is that sometimes goals have to be flexible and subject to change. I take it one step at a time, when I finish that step I go to the next. I usually develop 3 steps ahead while trying...
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    His Three Kids

    You are right. I can not show my fear or my frustrations. I know these kids are going to need A LOT of attention and love. I work full time right now, and so does he. However, with six kids, and three of whom are coming from a home where there mother is more interested in drugs and the...
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    His Three Kids

    I asked him that, and he said he plans to take any day we have them off. If we get full custody, say she goes to jail (she could but I won't go in to that) then he would finish the work week and take the next week off. You are right, if their mother is keeping them from him this way, then it...
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    Reasoning: The Most Useful Tool for Personal Development

    I think reasoning is very important to self improvement. One of the first places I started to look at were the relationship between reason and logic, which are different. I then started learning how to detach from an emotional state (temporarily) so that I could understand reason with clarity...
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    Beating Pain

    Beating pain is no easy task. There are people on this world who have no other choice but to be in pain. They must learn to cope with pain and accept that it is a part of their daily life. Accepting pain as a part of life does not have to be a miserable experience. It is very important to...