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    What Are Most Inspiring Quotes For You?

    Dont know if someone said it before or I created it based on other similars: “I am not here to survive, but to live” That is my top.
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    Allow Me To Introduce Myself Loves!

    Hi Pierce and welcome to this forum. I have joined a few days ago :) Currently I am doing my own research so I would like to ask you if you are that kind of person who wants to help others (people, animals, nature)? I am asking because I found some stats studies and trying to confirm the...
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    Hello hello from Buffalo :)

    Cool, I wish you success on your way. As you wrote, “breathing the right way” was also very helpful for me. Now I enjoy every monent when I stop and just breath. Simple but powerful. The greatest thing about your comment, from my point of view, is “... I could change the state of my brain...
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    Hello hello from Buffalo :)

    Hi Jon and welcome to PD.COM, your story seems interesting. Thumb up for daily meditation! I aldo meditate on daily basis. What do you think was the main reason you changed yourself? What was the gsme changer? George
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    What is your favorite meditation place?

    Sounds great. Have you ever tried group meditation?
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    What is your favorite meditation place?

    Hi, I have been meditating for almost 1year. My favorite place to meditate is in forest close to water. I really like the sounds of nature. But sometimes I meditate at home. I also visited group meditation but did not like it much. What is you favorite places to meditate? George
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    Hello from Czech Republic!

    Hi there, my name is George, I am from Czech Republic (middle EU) and was born 28 years ago. I have been doing self-development for almost 6years now. For me phrase “doing S-D” means: 1. learning all about health, relations, money, 2. discovering body, mind and inner peace 3. setting and...
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    8 Warning Signs Someone Is Toxic

    Hi Ryan, Thank you for great video on how to spot Toxic people. Here is great article how to desl with them: How to deal with toxic people
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    Just broke up with GF of 2 years - self improvement ideas?

    Stop for a while and listen to silence. Here is good article: Listen to silence article
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    What inspires you?

    Stories, stories and stories... about how others solved their problems, achieved gosls, made dreams come true. Nice story: Meet the elephants of Knysna
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    What is definition of happiness for you?

    For me: happines is way of thinking, living and loving. There is no reason to be un-happy for a long time while you are still breathing and living. I like to be happy :)
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    Morning Green Smoothie Recipe's

    One of my morning smoothies: 2x kiwi 2x banana Chia & Flax seeds Maca powder Turmeric & Black pepper Arugula (a lot) What do you think?