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    How Meaningful is the Wedding Vow to you

    Wedding vows are the sweetest words you could ever hear during wedding ceremony. In my opinion, it's more than a promise, rather its something that will ignite the love between the couple being wed.
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    Is a big wedding important to you?

    For those who plans to be married only ONCE, (hehe), MARRIAGE is really a big thing. It's one of the most precious event that could happen to a couple in their whole life. I'm not saying though that it has to be big, but it just has to be solemn and peaceful where you can say your vows very...
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    Do you hate some aspects of yourself?

    I hate being Obsessive Compulsive type of person. Oftentimes, I try to make things perfect, try to make things the best that it could be even if I consciously know that I'm quite annoying and bossy already. I hate myself being like that. I just don't want to accept the fact that it is me and no...
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    Recommend book?

    Try reading the Purpose Driven Life. Its a book that don't just focus on a single aspect but rather on the whole journey of life, from it's high points to it's low points. :)
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    Meaning of Life

    The answer is "Life is not about me!" It's how I live life for others and how I can be of help to others, that in spite of our busy life focusing our ourselves ONLY, time to time we have to remind ourselves that life is really about living for God and not for ourselves.
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    How to rid off shyness

    I was also like that before, loner a bit weird in a way. (haha!) Back in my childhood days, I was never friendly, not even participative in class, but I managed to get an award, the "perfect attendance" award. (hahaha!). I just happened to overcome it when I reached highschool. I was prompted...
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    Benefits of Team Building

    Thanks Zararina, I really hope too that this team building will not be postponed anymore not unless there's a storm coming. (hahaha!) Our work is really stressful, sometimes I think of looking for another job, but it seems like the health care economy is still down so I have no choice but to...
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    Half-Empty or Half-Full?

    Half Full means you're satisfied and you're happy with what you have right now, and i guess I am. Despite the challenges God is giving us in our daily life, in work, in family, and in love life, God knows that we can recover from it, and by these challenges, He makes us as to who we are today...
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    Scandals involving religious figures?

    For me, the way they act and the way how they portray the word of the Lord really matters. We're all humans, and we all commit mistakes, though on their part it would be so unlikely to do it on their part. Mistakes like corruption, libel and assault could be accepted but sexual harassment and...
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    Benefits of Team Building

    Never have I experienced having team building til I transferred in a government agency, the bad thing is, since I'm working in Health Emergency Management department, we cannot make a definite schedule for our team building because based on experience, every time we schedule it, events that...
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    How do you relax or have fun?

    To relax, I'd say I sleep for about 12 hours, most specially during weekends after 5 days of stressful tasks at work then I'll eat cake, (by the way, cake's my comfort food whenever I'm stressed, haha!), lastly, I'll ask my boyfriend to visit me at home or it is me who will visit him at home...
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    Coffee with herbs?

    I'm a coffee drinker, but not that much, my mom taught me how to limit myself drinking coffee. Coffee is very beneficial indeed, it makes you awake when you feel very sleepy, it increases one's alertness, it says that it can treat migraines and it's also an antioxidant. Irregardless if it has...
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    How do I get rid of negative thoughts that make me feel like giving up?

    PRAY! Nothing beats the power of prayer. After pushing yourself too hard to the big project you're into, it deem that you're already burned out. You have to relax for a while, I suggest that you measure your limitations and know what things to prioritize. After doing that, [ray and thank God...
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    Are you one to give up when things get hard?

    Yes, holding on to someone and not giving up is one the bravest thing one could ever do for his partner. "for richer for poor, till death do us part", that's what couples say as a sign of their love with each other. As long as you love him, as long as you know, you can build better future with...
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    How Do You Handle Guilt?

    It never easy to handle guilt. Sometimes you have to hurt someone "unintentionally" only to end up having guilt on what you did. Many times do I feel that way, to be in a very stressful job and a very stressful lifestyle, I'd say guilt has been one of my closest buddy. BUT despite it being my...