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    funny moment while exercising

    I have to say, when you do yoga, especially when you are a beginner yoga or haven't done yoga in a long time, it would be a good idea to do it alone. Some poses will force the air right out of you (if you know what I mean) and when that happens when your kids are there, they may take it as a...
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    Back To Zero?

    I believe if you are not grounded, at peace with yourself, and happy, no amount of money will bring you any of that. You will still be seeking it. If you are grounded, at peace with yourself, and happy, money will magnify it all.
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    Do You Prefer E-books over Books?

    I like getting the real book over an e-book because of being able to write in the book. I love the cookbook, and when I try a recipe, I will adjust it and make pencil notes in the margins, etc, until I get a recipe to where we like it a lot. I couldn't do it on an electronic device. I think I...
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    On Possible Healthy Benefits of Ginger

    A lady I know makes ginger tea daily and everyone in her family drinks it. She claims everyone has been healthy since she started this and no one has come down with any colds or flu! This is awesome since she works at the grocery store and comes in contact with people who are sick coming in to...
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    Guilt trip

    WorkAtHome, I know what you mean. My mom was a pro at guilting. Either I am not good at it, (even though I had a great teacher), or, my children are immune! I do get positive results when I take things from them when they do not follow house rules. They think I am mean! That tells me, I am doing...
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    Time Outs?

    When my children misbehave, they have things taken from them. For example, when they were younger, one of my children would like to hit the others with their toys. I would take the toys away from the child and remind the child hitting was unacceptable and if continued, the toy would be gone for...
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    Approaches for Eliminating Bad Habits

    One way to help you fall asleep earlier, is to push your bedtime up 10 to 15 minutes earlier for a few days or a week. Keep doing that until you are getting into bed and falling asleep at the time you want. Do not nap during the day. I have found classical music lightly playing helps me sleep...
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    Miami most miserable place to live?

    I do not put much stock in that story from Rutgers. Miami, like any major city, has the good and the bad. There are very rich, very poor and everything inbetween. Crime is generally higher in bigger cities than smaller ones. If you work with your community to make it a better place, you will...
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    Whats your view on cheating?

    Cheating is wrong. There is never a reason for it, just lousy excuses. If the relationship isn't working out the way you had hoped, sit down and talk to your significant other, don't turn to someone else and hope it all goes away. Emotional cheating can be more damaging than the physical cheating.
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    Guilt trip

    While watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, I began wondering if I ever lay down the guilt trip to my children, like Marie Barrone (Raymond's mother)? I had to think good and long, before I came up with a time that I tried to guilt my children into doing the right thing. Do any of you...
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    how to find out your life`s purpose

    I think when you find yourself jumping out of bed to go to work, that is your purpose in life. It is something you would do just because, and knowing you are getting paid for it is the icing on the cake. You need to look inside, and find what your passion is. It is different for everyone.
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    How many of us have our ideal job/career?

    I have always wanted to be a mom, and I am one. As for a job/career that pays you in money, I am still working on it. I, for a while was doing what I loved, that was painting. I painted murals on walls, furniture, blinds, etc. It became emotionally too hard when we were trying to have children...
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    Have You Ever Considered Starting Your Own Business?

    I would love to start a business, but I am nervous about a few things, especially how the manditory medical insurance or Obama Care will affect small businesses. It should be repealed and focus should be on making options available for small businesses to purchase into the government insurance...
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    Decluttering tips

    I suggest setting a time for 15 minutes, and tackle the stack of papers on the dining room table. When the timer goes off, set it again for another 15 minutes, and hit the pile again. After a third time, take a 15 minute break.
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    How you show your love

    Very simply put, I treat my husband like a king. His family and friends cannot believe how he is treated. He treats me the same way. I am his queen. We realize we want to live with each other and we do our best to give respect. The little things like a kiss good night, seeding the watermelon...