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    Sleep Hypnosis - too good to be true?

    As I gently lay on the bed and start listening to the soothing voice of the hypnotherapist in the sleep hypnosis of my choice, my eyelids get heavier and as he commands me to relax, my muscles gratefully release the tension built up throughout the day and soon, I’m on a completely different...
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    Your Life Is Already Wasted. Instead Of All The “I Can’t Waste My Life” Anxious Crap, Start Living I

    Most of your stereotypical motivational speakers, teachers, gurus will tell you to not waste your life. To do something about it, chase your career, make money, be happy. Create an amazing future, perhaps. Rings any bells? An infinite paradox “Wasting your life” really comes down to your...
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    You Wouldn’t Guess Why You Can’t Stop Procrastinating

    It’s a beautiful day outside, sun is shining, kids playing and the thought of you getting out of bed or, god forbid, do anything is killing you from the inside. Most of us know the feeling, even those that belong to the active “go-getters” group and It’s simply one of our basic human behavior...
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    How to Meditate: The internet is full of **** you don't need. Just do it.

    Everyone speaks about it. The “New Age Movement” and other similar mainstream crap is full of meditation & positivity and all the fans are just obsessively trying to make a point that by meditation, everything is solved. Sure, that’d be true if the entire world would be taught to meditate, in...
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    [Article]How meditation turned my life around + the benefits of it

    The mind needs meditation much in the same way as a car needs regular service When I started out, I vividly remember my first ever meditation. It was about 3 years ago, when I have accidentally cut my arm – and it was deep enough that I had to wear a cast and keep it for about 3 weeks. It did...
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    What do I want to do in my life?

    1. Define your top 5 values in life. What is it? Family? Happiness? Laughter? Peace? Love? ... 2. Write a list of 10 things you already tried in your life and loved doing. Whatever it was, really. Swimming? A sport? Computer games? Writing? Seriously, anything. 3. The 10,000 hours rule. Deal...
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    You can't achieve a goal if it's not crystal clear

    Hey mate, I'm not quite sure what are you even... talking about here? :) The "finish college, find a job" way is actually way too old. Not only it doesn't even work anymore as "good" as it used to, it is really outdated and nowadays, if you aren't a creator, you won't get far. As for the fast...
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    3 effective psychological tricks that will instantly lift your mood

    1. The Time trick Let’s say a person offends you, makes you angry, disappoints you, your boss yells at you, you embarrass yourself in front of somebody or something similar. Ask yourself: How will this event matter in 2 weeks? Imagine fast-forwarding 2 weeks then looking back. Didn’t help? Do...
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    7 reasons why having a Life Purpose clearly defined is AWESOME

    1. Motivation When you have a clear life purpose defined already for yourself, motivation is no longer an issue. Simply all you need to do is imagine your end-goal as already achieved and if you do it right, use the right visualization techniques etc., you’ll get an instant motivation boost...
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    Dear .. whatever your name is :D First of all congratulations. By losing your boyfriend, you have lost pretty much everything you ever had, correct me if I'm wrong. This is the very essential thing that has to happen in order to change your life, there is no way you could've done it on your own...
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    How to get rid of fear of failure?

    What helps me tremendously when dealing with fear of any kind is this: Imagine that you fail. Now imagine how much stronger will that failure make you and how much will it matter to you or anybody else in 5 years. “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” - Thomas Edison
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    Do you believe that everybody should follow their Passion in Life?

    It's actually very simple. Whatever you do in life, if you're not passionate about it, you're going to give it up unless you have to do it in order to survive - which is a very low kind of awareness or mentality that you should avoid at all costs. As Steve Jobs said, if you don't love what...
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    What is your opinion on Homeschool?

    This. Totally. At least for now, any public or even private schools are just totally brainwashing. However, don't forget that by being a parent, you need to teach the child all aspects of life. In other words, all aspects of self development. Of course, the very basic education is also in place...
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    Keeping it Simple! That's the Key

    You are very right, buddy. Perception is everything. You may either live a happy life because of all the happy things in it, or you may live the same life but perceive it as depressing because of all the depressing things in it. That's it, really.
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    Please help: i'm doubting the path i've chosen

    Hey John (if that's your real name indeed, but who cares), First of all let me say that I haven't read all of the other comments so I might say something that has been said before. From your post I can pretty much relate to your situation. Your mind is programmed to give value to opinions of...