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    Flowers spread perfumes even more when they become exposed to a smashing power

    Hi all, I hope you all feel safe and healthy. Though the world is now facing difficult times due to this new virus, I think these times are the greatest teachers to us in many ways. They say that this health problem have separated the peoples of the world from each other. However...
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    Self-worth. What is your opinion?

    Hi all, I totally agree with the opinions of MoreSuccess and Mick IOM after combining both opinions together. I found what they wrote above if combined together provides really a wise good prospective to this subject. Peace Upon You All
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    Need Your Help

    Hi J E Roberson, You welcome. Peace
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    Should I let my mom join internet dating site?

    Hi denydritz, I liked your words that I quote below. I think the world would be more beautiful if we apply those words when dealing with others in all life aspects. Peace upon you
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    Need Your Help

    Hi J E Roberson, If I vote, I would definitely vote for the course "Increasing self esteem - Steps to feeling more at ease, confident and comfortable with self.". That is because I believe, increasing self esteem is the way to get rid of negative self talk, mind chatter or at least reduce...
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    Should I let my mom join internet dating site?

    Hi beyondhorizon38, I do not think the idea of your mum getting married again and enjoying the life, as Allah "God" allows, ridiculous whatever her age is. Enjoying life by getting married is the right that Allah "God" gave to every human without discrimination according to...
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    I know you are out there

    Hi MoreSuccess, Thanks for sharing that link. I was aware that sometimes people use other people feelings but till I read the story on that link I never thought it goes so far as that. It is so sad that some people exploit other feelings for money or for anything. I once read a...
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    I know you are out there

    Hi all, I felt it is an honest thing. I was even admiring the courage it takes to post such a message. After all, what gain could a person get of lying about such thing. They may be honest. They may be not. I believe, the damage that a lie causes reflects more on the liar themselves. So...
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    how can i overcome laziness?

    Hi ENG, Recently, I become convinced that since motivation comes from inside a person, it can not be produced from outside factors. I mean if you do not really have the desire inside you to do something, then it does not help to look for outside factors to motivate yourself. I...
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    Are You Missing This Key Success Skill/Tool??

    Hi J E Roberson, I liked that you call that skill an art because I think it needs good imagination to practice it. One should imagine themselves as a lawyer that defends themselves against everything they face to assert themselves. You are right no one know a...
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    Should parents help a teen make career choices or leave it up to the teen?

    Hi Angie Necole .. Hi Visitor, I agree with both of you about letting the teens decide for themselves after clarifying the available choices and its consequences to them. However, to do that parents should begin to teach their kids early in their childhood...
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    Hi Kevin Mahoney, You welcome. Either that is funny or it may means that I have a bit of psychic power (just kidding). I once heard a good saying "You become what you dwell on". May be when you dwelt on studying gratitude, it reflected on you making you feel grateful even if it was on an...
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    When you love Allah "God", He will love you back giving you an endless feeling of peace and contentment

    Allah “God” is not only found in mosques or other worship buildings. He is found everywhere. Love Him and you will be able to see Him in a child’s smile, in a beautiful flower, in the green trees, in the blue sea with the amazing creatures that live inside it and in the high mountains with their...
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    Hi Kevin Mahoney, What a lovey post you typed above. Sometimes we face situations like yours above where we have no choice but to keep still and sometimes we do not know why things do not change. Although we do our best to change it but we reach to a stage where we do not have...
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    What is Personal Development?

    Hi again, Mick IOM, To high extent I agree with all what you mentioned in your post above especially regarding your words; You are right in implying that attitude make all the difference just as mentioned in the following nice youtube video: Although, in my...