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    How do you plan for a New Year?

    I don't believe in new years resolutions as about 80% of peoples "new years resolutions" are never accomplished. So what I've done is set up my top 3 priorities for what needs to be done in order for 2015 to be my greatest year ever. As I know goals change as you grow, I set priorities instead...
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    Self-Belief: Tips to Get Your Mind on Your Side

    True, but the thing with affirmations is that you have to actually believe in what you are saying. Saying them over and over might work for some people and they end up believing it after a while, but the point of affirmations are to say ones that you truly believe. And most people don't...
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    What is the end goal for everyone?

    True, but what is "the best life?" The best life is only a perception of what that person thinks would be best
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    Self-Esteem: Exchange Experiences!

    When I was in middle school nobody noticed me. I would get picked on by the short kid in school and I was just so angry at others and myself because of it. I just started to be myself. I started to wear clothes that I liked, do things that I found interesting and learn more about myself. Fast...
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    What is the end goal for everyone?

    That is a great goal and I know that one day you will accomplish it!
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    What is the end goal for everyone?

    Exactly, you are so right. That is how we've been conditioned and that's how life is for us. That's why I say do what you feel passionate about because only then could you feel truly fulfilled and make a lot of money also.
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    Did you come to win at life or not to lose?

    Not necessarily. But it is at the same time because if you're battling against another basketball team to win, it's either life or death, you either win or you lose.
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    Have You Ever Considered Starting Your Own Business?

    Yes, and I have never been so enthusiastic about sharing my business with other people! I went into business for myself as an affiliate for a online franchise. I then invested into the business and I was educated and trained on how to create a successful online business leveraging this system...
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    Did you come to win at life or not to lose?

    You win or you die... Yes we all die & I know I'd rather win then lose! Great quote
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    Is it possible to still have faith in God but not in the church?

    There's nothing wrong with having faith in God and not the church. God made the church, but doesn't ask for you to go to it every Sabbath in order to have faith in him. All religions point and say that you have to follow our way of teaching about the divine source because our way is right and...
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    A relationship must be 2-way

    Yes, I believe that. A relationship isn't a relationship unless it is a 2 way thing. You can't be friends with someone who doesn't want to be friends with you. But you can be friends with someone who does want to be friends. Proving that relationships are 2 way things.
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    Did you come to win at life or not to lose?

    Thank you I appreciate that and I like that you enjoyed it!
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    Building stronger relationships

    Yes definitely. I focus on building true relationships from my point of view and not try to push my business into the front of everything
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    What is the end goal for everyone?

    True, thank you for that insight & I like your program!
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    Building stronger relationships

    Yea I'm an optimist, so I always look for the good in everything. I will start to train myself to love unconditionally though, thanks.