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    What is one of the biggest lessons you've learned in your life ?

    For me, Don't become passionate slave rather understand your purpose and just do the work
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    Who Else Wants To Think Better ?

    Research says we make about 35,000 decisions per day It differs from person to person. Some of them have large impact and some of them have small impact in our lives. We should spend time for thinking based on the impact of the decision. And one more thing, I agree your point. But, Intuition is...
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    Who Else Wants To Think Better ?

    I see a lot of animals in the zoo. My friend asked me which is the smart animal. And I points out him. Understand Yes we've the ability to think. But we not use that in right way. One boy gave a flower to monkey. Instead of smell that, it crunches that. Like that we have a powerful brain but no...
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    What Is Your GREATEST SKILL In Life???

    One of the important skills in life for me is Learning
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    3 Simple Tips To Learn Faster Even You're Dead Slow Learner

    Everyone likes to learn faster, right. One of the ways to be successful person is to build the skills. If you want to build skills, you should know how to learn faster. Even some says learning is a survival tool. Yes, it is. Just Imagine, If you open the book, read the sentences and you can...