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    Running in circles

    Hi Steve, what was it you were (or are still) trying to change? Ending up in the same position as before can be an effect of not giving enough effort. I don't know how much effort you gave, and I don't mean to underestimate it, but often times, we need to spend much more effort than we...
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    Whats your opinion on this? I read this somewhere

    Hi Jimmy, there is a phrase that says: "Start with what you know, begin where you are, use what you have." That phrase is correct in some scenarios. Some times, we already know what to do, how to do it, and the tools to use, but we procrastinate and seek more information. In this case, it's...
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    Do u guys think she knew it was me and maybe that’s why she put her twitter account on private or no?

    Mostly no, because other people do things for themselves, not because of us. We overestimate how important we are for other people, and underestimate how people are busy with their own thoughts.
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    Negative Thinking results sucess!!

    Are you saying that when you think negatively about something, it helps you to succeed in that something? Could you give us an example?
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    Passion is WHY you do what you do, not WHAT you do. We are all already living and expressing our passion every day, or else we would not be doing anything at all. In your career, why did you choose that path? If it is for the money, then money is your passion. Maybe we don't want to admit...
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    habit making

    There are various research about this. Some say it takes 21 days to form a habit, while others say it takes 66. If your habit is a single habit, then I don't see any problem with adding a new habit straight away. For example, if you want to eat fruits for breakfast as a habit, then you can add...
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    How to cope with the lonely parts of the personal development journey

    To be honest, I haven't made any new friends as a result of personal growth directly. However, my growth journey involved many aspects, such as learning to build a business, and improving my skills with women. From those two aspects, I have made new friends, and also met my wife :) I don't...
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    What can I do now?

    Why do you want to wake up at 4 am? What was the reason for this new habit? If it's only to wake up early, then you've reached your goal. Some activities I do when I wake up early is pray, read religious scripture, or read books about the human mind, maybe watch some videos on the same topic...
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    I lack motivation and my life is boring

    What were your goals, and what work did you enjoy? Can you identify a specific date or event when you lost your excitement? Understanding why or how you lost your excitement can be the first step to bringing it back. It may be gone entirely, especially if your excitement was reliant on an...
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    I bet she told him there’s that guy who kept on staring at me back in high school

    Assuming what other people are thinking or saying isn't a healthy habit. I would avoid doing this. They could be talking about an entirely different issue. They could be talking about you, but if they were, then this girl isn't special because she's talking about you "behind your back." If she...
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    New Gal Here! Hey Awesome Peeps! (✿◠‿◠)

    Hey TabbyCat, nice to meet you. Your personality and energy certainly is visible through your writing :) What's your blog's address?
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    This probably might be a coincidence.

    I would say it doesn't mean anything :giggle: "Apophenia, seeing apparently meaningful connections between unrelated patterns."
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    What is your biggest challenge when to building confidence?

    Confidence comes from competence, being able to do what you want to do. The more you do it, the more confident you become. If you want to be more confident in social interactions where you're asking for something, then keep doing it. You could learn certain words and phrases that are more...
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    Why does this vicious cycle keep happening with me?

    I think here is your problem: get frustrated very quickly for not finding the answer. What if it takes you several hours of learning, or more, to find the answer, but once you do find the answer, you know what to do with clear instructions? Would you do it? I often see that people are attached...
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    How to figure out what to do in life

    Simon Sinek's book "Start With Why" can help you fast track that epiphany :) It can help you find your WHY and see that the many and confusing ideas you have may all come from one source - your passion. If you don't know your passion, the things you do can be blurry and not connect with each...