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    Coffee with herbs?

    I haven't yet tried but I will try.
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    Protein Powder?

    Yes, I take protein powder while work out.
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    Milk - the complete food?

    I know milk is very helpful for our body and that's why it is called ideal food. Everyday I almost drink 250 ml milk. It is my favorite one.
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    Good mood for better health

    I believe disease in on people's mind rather than body. Though there are some body related disease but sickness begins from their mind. When people get nervous then he/she starts to think that he/she is ill and this thinking makes him/her sick.
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    Music while exercising

    Yes, I like to listen music when I exercise.
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    Do you eat breakfast?

    Everyday I take my breakfast within 10 am. If I don't eat my breakfast proper time cause gas problem. That's why I'm very conscious about eating breakfast.
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    Do your kids hate vegetables?

    My kids eat vegetables as usual other items.It is true that they prefer to eat fish and meat but also vegetables.
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    Water is important to us!

    Yes, I know water plays a very important role in our health and that's why I drink 3-4 liter water in a day.
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    Drinking Water First Thing In The Morning

    It is very important to me that drinking water first in the morning. Everyday I at least drink (0.5 liter - 1 liter) fresh water. It is very healthy for everybody.
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    Do You Always Eat On Time?

    In past time I didn't maintain any schedule for my meal. But now if possible I try to have my breakfast within 9am, lunch 2pm and dinner within 10pm. I can't maintain this routine everyday.
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    Do You Meditate?

    Once I tried to meditate seriously and collected materials from net like meditation video clips, article etc. Meditation is a great things. Meditation keep mind stable and controlled. It refreshes mind and soul which keeps your body healthy.
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    Do you eat root crops?

    I like and eat root crops a lot. Potato is a regular menu of our food list . I also like to eat Sweet potato, Radish, Carrot etc.
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    Tips on drinking more water

    To be healthy we must drink enough water. Everyday morning before breakfast I drink minimum 0.5 liter water.