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    How to keep healthy?

    The foundation to great physical health is eating the foods that nature gives us. I know going vegan is something that only few of us has the desire to do but even if you do 80% natural plant-based you will set a positive platform and your body will feel good and it clears the mind too...
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    Which Path?

    Can you parlay your writing into a shorter format such as a blog or a short story where you can self publish and get that feeling of accomplishment and maybe make some money with that? I am trying to do this myself as I am working the 9-5 but my passion is self-improvement and creating content...
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    Having A Career in Your Passion

    I would love for my career to be dedicated around my site It takes time. In the meantime I stay true to my goal of posting 1 article and multiple stories about my running endeavors!
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    Winning Today

    So many times we tend to fantasize about the completion of our future goals and tend to lose focus on what is in front of us today. The small wins will lead to ultimate victory. ~DB
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    The difference between being spiritual and religious

    Being spiritual is having an awareness and understanding of all that is around up and maybe even more importantly what is inside ourselves.
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    Why Most People Fail

    We are all going to fail at something. The key is being mindful and recognize when we have failed, take ownership of the failure and come up with strategies not to repeat the same mistakes.
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    50 Ironmans, 50 days, 50 States!

    This is one ambitious feat James Lawrence is going for. Check out my thoughts on his mission
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    How could you be a better parent?

    Making sure you are working on developing yourself and putting yourself in a great place goes a long way. I have been working hard on improving my health and wellness over the past 2 years and I feel I have become a better husband and father for it. My 11 year old has seen considerable change in...
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    Curing desease through Nutrition

    Congrats on your 2 months @yacine I have been plant based for a year now and I have not felt better. I have lost 60 lbs. I am off of blood pressure meds and I am an aspiring runner. I have a lot of stories on my site (in my signature) if you want to check them out. Keep up the great work on the...
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    Gratitude and Wealth

    Well said @Reda I encounter too many people mostly in my professional life who just are not thankful or gracious for anything another person may have assisted them with. The just enjoy the result but don't take the time to thank the people who got them there.
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    If you're going to live your life all over again

    I would have taken my academic career far more serious than I did in my younger days. It took way to long for me to achieve my academic goals. The good thing was everything I wanted to achieve I did but I took the difficult road to do so.
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    Do you ever criticize yourself?

    I never criticize myself but I do have an understanding of the missteps that I have taken in the past and own them.
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    Ambition is critical!!

    Awesome article. Keep up the great work!!!
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    Procrastination - A Lazy Boy Defintion.

    Yes, If they complete the task with lack of effort just to get something done and get it out the door and they are willingly doing this then yes, this is laziness. Procrastinators in certain situations can be hard workers as they garner desired results but they are taking the more difficult road...
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    Procrastination - A Lazy Boy Defintion.

    I always associate procrastination with fear. Usually when a task is put off to the side in hopes of going away the person is fearful of the challenge presented by the task because of its difficulty or the audience which the task is going to be delivered to. The tension and the stress are direct...