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    Your Favourite Inspirational Song?

    Win by Brian McKnight really inspires me, It touches my spirit each time. The words are just moving, and it fits a lot of situations I've been in. :)
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    How important is religion?

    Pardon my opinion friends if this wouldn't coincide with yours, but I think religion is a division, it classifies people.. I would rather call it Faith. Doctrines may be confusing, different sects with different teachings.. Faith may be a lot less difficult. We believe in one God (which may come...
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    How do you deal with your parents?

    This factor is a HUGE one and should always be considered when dealing with our parents, I think I am blessed to be raised in a home that "listens", between my mom and dad, it is usually my mom that would require more effort in being dealt with, she's extremely persistent and tends to flare up...
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    How do you deal yourself with stress?

    I eat! BIGTIME! lol chocolates relieves minor stress for me, it's my happiness food! (ferrero rocher or macadamia are my top choices:)) Seeing my friends when I can and sharing laughs with them would also work and as the old saying goes, there's nothing a good night sleep won't cure.. c:
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    Saying "I Love You"

    Really? Wow that was some request she made.. lol. Given that girls are understandably more mushy than men, this still surprises me.. I don't know if I'm just different or something, but I prefer hearing that randomly, like probably after laughing so hard together or while sharing a meal, I mean...
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    Are You Thankful?

    I am! I am thankful that my family remains healthy and that we can enjoy life's simple pleasures, I am thankful for my education and that we are being able to provide the same for my son, I am very thankful that he is growing up to be smart and loving. I am very thankful that God remained...
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    How Do You Treat Your Maids/Househelp?

    I loooooooove my house helper! She has been with us for almost six years now and I don't treat her any less like family. It's very hard to find decent house help nowadays and we've had a couple before we finally met her, she isn't perfect but I saw that she genuinely cared about us especially my...
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    When it is time for goodbye...

    I think this solely depends on how much you can handle and probably how much you are willing to sacrifice, you won't easily give up on something that hugely matters to you, and sometimes although it greatly causes us pain we hold on, for some reasons. These reasons may vary of course, but this...