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    A simple guide on how a normal person can approach a spiritual life

    There are many different kinds of people living in this planet. Some of them are not spiritual, they just want to live their lives and do what ever they like. But I’m not saying this is wrong, it's completely normal just as I said in my previous article . We perceive things differently from what...
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    who is God

    We are thankful to God everyday. We have learned many things and even have different views about Him. Some people argue with the others and they try to prove that their views about God are correct. Life is a learning process. Beliefs are necessary so you can continue your life here. You need a...
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    How to live in present moment(NOW)

    Have you been so stress lately? That it almost took your life away? That you feel life is not good to you? That whatever you do, you still face many negative things? Do you also wonder why it always happen to you? You think that life is unfair, no matter what you do to get up life always kick...
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    Division leads to problems, like in our society today there are people who have different motives different intentions, and they see other people as their enemies, they have their own reasons why they are fighting, for their cause for their belief. and it will divide more people from each other...
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    How important is spirituality in personal development?

    hey bro my opinion is first you have to define what is success and fulfillment for you? is it something you want for yourself or is it something you want to give to others? life has different stages. of course we all started as a little child and as a child we have limited understanding limited...
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    thats nice , Jesus said God is everywhere god is everything in all living things and non living things god is also in the church , but i am not saying that god is only in the church just as i said a while ago god is everything, the problem today is they take it to extreme , the purpose of...
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    limitation of meditation

    thanks bro
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    limitation of meditation

    meditation has many and great benefits in our life. i cant deny it because im a meditation practioner too, and im addicted to it. meditation helps us a lot to have inner peace,clarity and happiness, but though meditation has undeniably benefit in our being. still meditation is really not the...
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    I want to be a female.

    hi i hope your stilll alive and still living your life. for me if you really want to be a woman it means you are too attached to your previous life as a woman. reincarnation does not happen once. it is a cycle until you learn what you have to learn. for me if you really want to be a girl it...
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    im not sure if i should put this here if im not right sorry guys ^^ All of us experience a lot of struggles some give us traumatic experience, some give us deep wound that can change our personality. like we may become emotional, sensitive, we may become insecure. or sometimes we get mad...
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    Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs

    nice topic bro. for me you should also analyze the things inside your mind, see if there are negative perspectives ,hatred all negative emotions change it and shift your view and consciousness
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    Spirituality for Atheists

    for me god is within me. so if its within me it also within you for we are all connected ^^
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    Your definition of a wise person (wisdom)

    wise person sees the world using his soul not his eyes or mind .
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    Need spiritual advice

    hi i hope you can still read this, congratulation because you are willing to change your life and your path dont worry about what you did in your past, its already done the purpose of every consequences we face is to learn from our actions. what is important right now is what you realize and...