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    When In A Fight: Forget The Past

    Guilty as charged! I always tend to remember the past when arguing with my ex. It's hard to stay off those topics when they are so hurtful and bring up a lot of emotions back. I do agree that it is not the best thing to do and it makes it even harder for you to be able to forgive someone. I...
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    Are you an information addict?

    Well I am definitely not an information addict. I actually can't stand everybody knowing my business all of the time and I really don't care what everyone does every hour of the day.
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    Suggestoins for crafts and profjects with my kids?

    I want to start doing some stuff with my kids but I'm not really the artsy type so I'm looking for suggestions. My kids are 3 and 2 so I'm looking for something not too messy and that's easy for them participate in. We also live in an apartment building so outdoor crafts are limited, we have a...
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    This works for me!

    I eat small meals as well, I've read it does help you loose weight and increase your metabolism. Plus I fell better when I eat enough to satisfy my hunger than eating so much I can't get up to walk. For exercising, I do love to walk and run at the park but I don't have time for it with my kids...
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    Miami most miserable place to live?

    I am really surprised Oklahoma city is not in that list. I used to live in beautiful Texas and compared to it Oklahoma is trash. Roads are a disaster, crime is very high, school system is poor, teachers are worst paid in country and it just looks plain sad. If I could afford to move back to...
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    Try Something New!

    Well I don't know about riding a motorcycle but I would definitely start with something smaller like asking a guy out. I am super shy in person, my face gets all red so when I like someone it's pretty obvious. It may sound silly to someone who is a people person but for me it's extremely hard...
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    What's the hardest thing you have ever had to do?

    I think mine would be when I finally left my ex husband. We had a very bad relationship so it was the best thing to do but it was extremely hard because we have two kids together. I felt like a hundred emotions going through me at that time but I am glad it's over with.
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    Would you date somebody who has kids?

    Yes I would date someone with kids, I actually think I would prefer it. There is just no way to know how much you life changes with kids unless you spend a lot of time around them regularly or have them yourself. If you are planning on having a long lasting relationship then definitely let her...
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    Another unplanned pregnancy - how to cope up in this kind of situation?

    That's awesome! You will have two special occasions, hopefully! I am crossing my fingers for you.
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    Do you ever feel like you are losing your memory?

    Lately I've had these moments when I am walking to go get something and once I get there I've forgotten what it is. Sometimes I forget almost instantly right after I have just though about it. Or I want to mention something to someone and once I see them I forget what it was. I guess this...
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    Do You Enjoy Walking?

    Yes I love walking. When we were kids my dad would drop me, my mom and my brother off at the park in the afternoon, go to work and come pick us up at night time after work. We would walk around the park, walk to the nearby theatre, sit and talk, lots of good memories. I don't do it as much...
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    Another unplanned pregnancy - how to cope up in this kind of situation?

    I hope you get a girl too, any gender is a blessing. You just don't get to do a lot of things with boys that you can do with girls.
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    If you could add just one hour....

    I would do something I don't get to do often nowadays, like reading a book, exercising, sleeping, etc... I try my best to stick to my routine this way I still have time to work and don't neglect my kids. Any extra activities are hard to fit in our schedule and it would be wonderful if you just...
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    Another unplanned pregnancy - how to cope up in this kind of situation?

    I just try my best to stay positive. I think about the future and how it's my kids turns to have a beautiful life. I had my chance at doing things right and even if things did not turn out the way I planned them, my kids should not be affected by this. I think about how my kids made me a better...
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    Whats your view on cheating?

    There is no excuse for it, plain and simple. Don't do something to your partner that you wouldn't want done to you. It's understandable that someone may not be happy in their relationship, looking for variety or just bored but that's no excuse to go and hurt your partner by betraying them...