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    Fear is a form of emotion which comes out as a result of any unknown situation such as evil spirit,ghost,darkness etc.This type of emotion is normal in every human being and every one have somehow felt this.Faith is the only word which can destroy the word fear.Faith in the almighty,Faith in...
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    Stop Looking for Happiness

    Happiness is something which is within us and we are solely responsible for our happiness or sadness.It is something which cannot be purchased from anywhere it have to be brought out from within.We can be happy by making others happy and satisfied.
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    What is your diet?

    The most important part of a meal is that it should be a balanced diet and should be healthy.A healthy meal should contain all the necessary ingredience such as carbohydrates,minerals,vitamins,fat in the right quantity.It should include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and about 8-10 glasses...
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    Starting Out Walking....

    Walking is a good way to reduce weight and stay healthy and it is a very good form of exercise.Regular exercise helps the body to be fit and in proper shape.You can walk according to you capacity.Along with walking you should also maintain a proper balanced diet in order to be healthy.
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    How Important Is Friendship?

    Yes definitely friendship plays an important part in ones life.A life without a friend is life without water.There are many things which can be shared only with friends and with no one else not even with our family members so friends are a must in life.
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    Meditation: Morning or Night?

    According to me morning is the best time for meditation because if you wake up fresh early in the morning and do meditation in the open air,it will benefit you more as you will be able to inhale mornings fresh and pollution free air which is good for heath.
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    What are your "rules of life"?

    Life comes only once so live and enjoy it to the fullest.Take every situation positively and lightly,respect your elders and treat everyone with love and affection,belief in God and yourself and enjoy every moment of life.
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    How Important Is Friendship?

    Yes,definitely friendship plays an important role in ones life.Without friends life would have an empty place which could only be filled by friends and no one else.There are many things that can be shared only by friends and no one else not even with our family members,so friends play an...
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    Success and Obstacles

    Success is always filled up with obstacles,It is generally a test to measure the patience level of an indivisual and success is even more sweeter when it is achieved overcoming all the obstacles.We just have to be patient enough to overcome all the hurdles of life.
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    Success & Belief

    A very good and inspiring talk.Yes definitely if you belief you can do something you can definitely do it but if you think you cannot do a work you will never ever be able to do the work.So you should always think positively and look at the brighter side of life then every thing will be very...
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    Boosting self-confidence

    You got a perfect group of friends in your high school who inspired you to face up the challenges of life .First of all you have to belief in yourself that you can do anything and can face any challenge in life.Never feel disheartened.Every indivisuals are different from each other with...
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    Need some help

    Morning is the best time to do Yoga and exercise so you should try doing it in the morning.Wake up fresh in the morning and do yoga,this will benefit you more than doing it in the evening.