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    I lack motivation and my life is boring

    The truth is, it needs work! Being motivated, staying motivated can be hard. Here are some things that might help you
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    Has anyone paid $1000-$2000 (or more) for an online course?

    I have invested in expensive online courses. Is it worth it? Yes, as long as you are fully committed to that course. The history of online courses is littered with 'shiny object syndrome' - always searching for the next big thing, rather than focussing on success using what you already have. If...
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    Whatever your chosen career, you need a passion to succeed. That is maybe easier if you have a passion about your career path, but in the end, if you work hard and are committed you have a shot at success. Read this article
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    This probably might be a coincidence.

    Coincidence, maybe. Subconsciously positive memories, perhaps. I guess the only way you can find out is to ask!
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    habit making

    In my experience, a new habit needs 30 days to bed in. You still have to work at it after that, but it gets easier If you're still finding it tough going, maybe don't try something else quite yet. It is better to be successful with one thing than to fail at two!
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    How do you stay motivated?

    If you're like me, you find motivation pretty fragile. Sometimes it's just there, and other times you really have to work at it. My tricks that work for me (mostly) are: to surround myself with my favourite quotes. I pin them to the wall around me and read them every day. When I thing one is...