I am a man who has seen struggles. I am a writer, and someone with a heart for those that are unfairly treated. I live on the streets with the sky as my roof, but I make an effort to live a respectful and respectable life. My mind is on working and business so that I can get off the streets. I don't ask for hand outs, but I do accept help of some forms.

No homeless shelters or twelve step programs for me. I am not a drug user, and I love being able to sleep with my eyes closed. I believe I should not have to fight for my life just because I don't have a roof over my head.

I also look out for a dear friend who is in a tough spot. I'm keeping a roof over my head. No she can't move me in for many reasons. However, I'm hoping that within a year, I will have a house. She would be able to move in as well. She was there for me when we met. So I'm going to be there for her. It's only right.

I'm also in the process of writing a book that chronicles the past seven years of my life on the streets.




Join me on my journey as I break the chains of homelessness at The Man With No Home. I'll not only get back on my feet, but I will inspire many with my journey


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