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    Doing One Positive Thing Daily

    I'm sure you're already doing it but you just don't recognize them. There are little things in life that make other people happy. A mild tap on the shoulder of a worried friend is just but a little act, but it will reassure him or her that you are there. Saying "thank you" to whoever pleased...
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    Paying Something Good Forward

    I appreciate if you'd pursue your project. A sincere help does not expect something in return. What is important is that you're going to touch the lives of others and will help them build a better future. If they will return and do the same, then they are good people with character. I love...
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    Are you a perfectionist?

    Putting a certain level or standard to pursue whenever you are given a task to do has its positive aspects. For one, it motivates you to give your best. I try to finish tasks perfectly, but I don't feel disappointed when the result is less than what I expected. I always recognize the fact...
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    The Fear of Getting Old

    Getting old is something inevitable. It will certainly come. How do you see yourself, say 30 to 40 years from now? Do you feel some fear within when you think about it?
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    What inspires you to be positive?

    What inspires me to think positive? "Tomorrow". There is always Tomorrow that motivates me to go to work, a good future to create, not only for myself but for other people. When you're feeling down today, tell yourself: "Tomorrow will be a better day." On a dark, gloomy day, I always bear...
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    How Do You Handle Guilt?

    Having a feeling of guilt locked up within is emotionally, mentally, and physically unhealthy. What has been done is done. To set my guilt free, I ask forgiveness from the person I offended, and then I make it a point to forgive myself too. I consider guilt as a personal punishment we inflict...
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    Your inner dialog

    My inner dialogue serves me well. It gives me better ability to make decisions. Self-talk comes in spontaneously when you are on your way to make an important decision. "Shall I do it or not?" is a common question which just pops out of my mind and give me enough time to think about the...
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    Do you live in the past?

    A wise person only looks back at the past to remember the lessons learned from it. Who doesn't have any regrets in life? But what has been done is done, and we should recognize the fact that we can not turn back the hands of time. Mistakes in the past should be accepted wholeheartedly, and never...
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    How do I get rid of negative thoughts that make me feel like giving up?

    Mind fatigue carries with it physical fatigue. I experience this when I write articles in between other mental tasks, and try to beat the deadlines. Although I just sit there in front of the computer all day with just my fingers practically doing the physical work, I end up having a below zero...
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    Dealing with anxiety...

    Clinical Anxiety in its severe stage is the most dangerous form of anxiety. Advanced depression co-exists with it. The feeling is almost unbearable, and this is what drives some to commit suicide. If you ask anxiety sufferers how they feel, you'd probably get an answer that it's worse than...
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    Nature is healing

    When I feel the signs of emotional weakness, just like when I am on the verge of breaking down, I go out and look for an old tree. I sit and rest my back on its sturdy trunk and enjoy the shade it provides me. When I touch its sturdy trunk, it tells me this: "Child, listen. For over a century...
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    How do I get rid of negative thoughts that make me feel like giving up?

    You might already be pushing yourself too hard. The negative thoughts you have at the moment come from an exhausted mind and body. We are not super beings. We have our own limitations. Giving up something doesn't mean you're going to lose everything. Other projects will come again. Slow down...
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    Letting go of pent-up feelings

    I guess we all have feelings of guilt, anger, hurt, and may be even a secret love. We can't shout back at our boss without risking our long-time job, and we just can't simply shrug off guilt feelings. Repressed emotions give us a heavy chest especially if they have been there for a long time...
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    The Optimism Bias & Positive Thinking

    I agree with the article. Strong emotions or thoughts drive the body into action. If the mind has been set to think positively over and over, the resulting action is what the mind has focused on...the expected positive result.
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    How to Develop Self-Esteem

    If you have a low self-esteem, try to assess your beliefs and thoughts. They may be too negative or irrational. Believing that you could surpass obstacles and winning over challenges, big or small, can change how you looked at them before. The phrase, "I can do this", could give wonders.