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    Are there any Christians here? and if so,do you still believe in a coming Christ?

    I am one of the believers who do have faith that God will surely come back for all us.
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    Why do you celebrate christmas?

    I celebrate Christmas since it has been the tradition my family have, and it is really nice to give something for christmas and also have the awesome feeling of receiving gifts too.
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    Everyone Can Be a High Achiever

    Thanks for this great information you have put up here. To achieve what we really want we should well have this values on our mind, but for me the best thing that we should think about when we want to achieve high is to have a good focus on our goal no matter what the circumstances might come.
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    Buy a Punching Bag

    If you do not have a punching bag, you could just do some shadow boxing to relieve some stress and anger if you have it is effective and also improves fitness and make us sweat.
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    How to you deal with angry thoughts?

    Praying at the churce definitely helps us relieve some anger and make us more calm, especially just get away from something that might lead you to be more angrier, just be alone and think for a reason why you should not be angry.
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    The Best Make-up that a Woman Can Wear Is Confidence

    A not confident women is not beautiful no matter how beautiful she was born from the start, even a woman who is not that blessed with full good looks, could look beautiful and elegant if she has the confidence to fill it up, and all you have to do is to accept who you are and be confident and...
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    Killing time vs filling every minute with productivity

    For me I balance out my activities between leisure time and productivity. With this I can enjoy what I have to enjoy as a teen and also enjoy some salary too from my productivity daily , where I set hours, and I also hang out every weekend with some friends or my girlfriend.
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    What personal development are you doing?

    That book is really a powerful one, it gives good information on how we could improve our daily life, thus helping us have a better new self if we could apply all.
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    Goal Setting

    This is a great information and thank you Rea for having this, it is really true that without a proper goal setting we won't really reach the target that we want to achieve, since it is really a key option to have a good mind set on reaching our goal and make us much focused.
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    What Habit do You Want to Form?

    You should practice having the mood daily to clean your room since it is really a good habit to keep if we want a clean and healthy environment.
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    8 Things the Sooner You Realize, the Happier You’ll Be

    Really great list I agree :), I agree most that we should maintain positivity in everything that we do, because if we think positive possible is that outcomes will also be positive.
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    Broaden your horizons by reading random material

    When we read new materials especially if it is just random and not familiar to us we can get to know new knowledge that might come on our mind through it especially we could get some interesting facts through that option.
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    Where could Eden be now

    I was imagining it would be in earth but in another dimension that would be cool, no one really have measured up how powerful God is, and all secrets of earth.
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    What is your concept on the after-life?

    I believe that in my afterlife I would come to meet all my friends and family at the same place, where we could smile all we want and enjoy the vast nature of paradise. Or if there is a reincarnation, I don't know, I am just excited if there is, but I want to be in Heaven that's why I am trying...
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    Is a big wedding important to you?

    If we have the money then a huge wedding would really be romantic. It would be worth reminiscing when you couples grow old together, still it is not required to make it a big wedding.