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    Dress well or dress bad?

    Good evening to all friends of the forum, I wanted to share with you this article that deals with the study of Karen Pine, Psychology Professor at Uni of Hertfordshire. It 'a study regarding the influence of clothing on human psychology. Hope you like. Enjoy reading ;)...
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    Do You Have Negative Associations With The Word "GOD"?

    Yes I use it probably for education and because comparison to the other terms i feel it more natural. :)
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    Do You Have Negative Associations With The Word "GOD"?

    I think some do it for marketing while others do not use the word God because it links to religions and they annoy by them.
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    When times are tough, Do you expect the best or the worst?

    Hello Adaba, maybe I expressed myself badly, I meant that in some cases it is good to find other ways to express their passions and then reach our goals, I think there are different ways to practice what most excites us and not only that more common.
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    Has Dropping a Partner Increased Your Success? Can it?

    Yes, a partner or a friend, whoever it is important for us, better create an environment that receive us well, for a possible "lack emotional". Ok now we think of the most beautiful things ;)
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    Do you think for yourself ? - 4 min Video

    Unfortunately, in my life i still influences and beliefs negative that daily torment me. It is not easy to get rid of but i am confident that surrounding yourself with the right people you can make huge steps forward an reach the goal!
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    Has Dropping a Partner Increased Your Success? Can it?

    I believe that to leave your partner must in some way, as a friend of mine used to say, "to be assured", that is to have a person that gives you that emotion, that emotional charge that gives you the partner. This is because, in my experience, the problem comes when a person is attached to...
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    How to be more energized during the conversation?

    I do not know if it can help you but from MY experience, when I have no energy is due to factors like emotional and / or kind of alimentary, so I need to be with someone (which I understand of course), physical activity (body building, running, etc.), making a kind of DIET healthy...
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    Please Stop Saying You're Awesome !!!

    I agree and if I can afford to give my point of view, from experience I can say that it is important not to attend the people you want to change "with the force", they want you to become someone you're not, or rather want to become like them, with a negative view of the world, pessimistic, as if...
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    Which Books Have Influenced You the Most?

    Hi Matt, Granted that I read books by Anthony robbins, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn etc. etc. and for me were all extraordinary and important, but the ones that ultimately influenced me most were the books of Osho. If I remember correctly the first one I read was "Con te e senza di te" (in Italian)...
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    IS YOUR LIFE YOURS? (Give Your Opinion Now)

    This one I do not say but it is an esoteric teaching, is not anything new is just psychology, you can do a search on the internet looking "body type" and you'll see the various characters of the human, for example, the Lunar, the Mercurial, the Martial etc. It is said that the seven dwarfs of...
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    Eliminate Fear Of The Future

    I agree but do not delude ourselves with things like the law of attraction and stuff like, do not say you do not need to be positive, even necessary, but not sufficient, I believe from my experience that you have to be experts in a field and still more important to know how to sell. With the...
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    When times are tough, Do you expect the best or the worst?

    Hi Dorothy, from my experience I can say that sometimes we need to analyze ourselves and our goals, because we could be us to self-sabotage for the fact of not being able to see the illusions. That said, have a positive view in my opinion is not always the best way er face adversity, you have...
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    IS YOUR LIFE YOURS? (Give Your Opinion Now)

    Hi J E Roberson, nice to meet you, I joined recently to the forum. I believe there is something more powerful that we can not control, so it's obvious, see for example the wars, accidents, unexpected events, you can not control, I think the only thing we can do is try to find what makes us feel...