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    What in the World

    I read an article on Yahoo news about the Government paying scientists to discover how the bird flu might mutate to become a bigger threat to people. Of course, they say it is in a safe place that it can't affect people at all. I was reading the comments after the article and one person wrote...
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    Drawing Lines and Setting Boundaries

    Sometimes, in order to have a good relationship with someone, you have to draw a line. We all tend to take everything in life for granted sometimes and we treat situations, things, and people like they are always going to be there. Take a step back and look at your life and the relationships...
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    Some people need to have something drastic happen to them before they can change. Some never see the light because they are caught up in there own darkness and can't find a way out. Some have dug themselves a hole so deep, that they can't crawl out, they have hit water and now everything is mud...
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    The definition of a relationship is a particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other. Relationships, whether with your children, spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend, need these things to survive: 1. TRUST - In at trusting relationship, people...
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    Whats your view on cheating?

    I am absolutely against it. I think if 2 people are in love with each other and have respect for each other, then this should never happen. Even if you are in a relationship with someone and it isn't going good, have the decency and morals to get out of it before resorting to cheating.
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    Do You Prefer E-books over Books?

    I have a Nook Color and I love it, but I also love the smell and feel of a real book. I do find myself buying more books on my e-reader lately, because it is convenient.
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    Skeptic or Believer?

    I am a researcher and I always look into something before I do anything. Whether it is a job or a product, I always try to find more information.
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    Great Love Of A Dying Father

    Giving them your all everyday is important, but noone is perfect and there are going to be days when your emotions will get the best of you. I remember reading a book about a professor, I think his first name was Randy, that passed away from cancer. One of the things he said in the book that...
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    Time Outs?

    My 2 year old is very laid back, but he does have his moments. I just try to teach him right from wrong and I don't use timeouts. I really don't need to discipline him much. I am a quiet person in nature, so when my voice is raised and gets stronger, he knows when I am serious.
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    Genetically Modified Chickens

    Have you ever watched the documentary Food Inc? It is a great overview of the animals and the food industry. You will never want to eat meat again or at least pick better choices when it comes to your meats.
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    How many of us have our ideal job/career?

    I work from home doing telemarketing and I love it. I love to be able to be a stay at home mom and work nights when my husband is home.
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    Positive effects of pets

    I have a golden retriever and he is the best dog. He wouldn't hurt a fly. I read that just petting an animal can lower your blood pressure and relieve stress.
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    How could you be a better parent?

    Sometimes I get caught up in just life in general, I am home with my 2 year old all day and my 12 year old is in school. I think I need to spend less time on the internet, with that said I need to get off of here and start supper. lol
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    Eggplant A Good Vegetable?

    I like eggplant breaded and fried, so that makes it not so healthy lol. I like zucchini even better.
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    Do You Question The Things You Believe?

    I am not a religious person and I don't spend my Sundays in church, but I never question whether or not there is a God or an afterlife. I pray also every night. I would like to ask half the people in church why they are really there. Is it because it has been what you have done since you were...