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    I hate daily routines. Is that okay?

    I think denydritz is spot on! I write about routines a lot on my blog because I love them and they help me to stay on track. But a routine is more like this: I wake up at 4:45, get some coffee, open my blog and start working on my daily tasks. Then, at around 6:30, I go for a run and listen to a...
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    Personal Development Book Recommendations

    Thanks so much for starting this thread! Personally, I'm a huge fan of the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. I love it so much in fact, that I wrote a whole blog post about it. It was essentially the "self-help" book that kicked off my personal development journey. Darren basically talks about...
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    I'm curious - How do you overcome the fear of something new in your career or business?

    Hey henks2, Great question! When I speak, I get a massive surge of adrenaline which causes my hands to shake. I think it's from fight or flight, but it dissipates in about 5 minutes. I've researched how to get this to stop, but what I've found is that you shouldn't try to suppress the feelings...
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    How to stop caring what others think of me?

    Hi Jackie! What an amazing offer! Would that extend to anyone else? Thanks!
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    How to stop caring what others think of me?

    Perfect strategy! The best way to deal with our own dilemmas is by pretending the dilemma is one of your friends. What would advice would you offer them?
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    Is it wrong to do too much work?

    Hey Leo, I'd say that you're off to a great start! However, the deeper you go, the more strategies you'll learn. It's important to know that, you don't have to use every strategy you learn. I try out new strategies all the time, but I only keep the ones I like and that work for me. For...
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    How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

    In order to stay focused on my goals, I make sure to use a goal planner. Michael Hyatt's Full Focus Planner has been rocking my world for the past 9 months. I find that just writing and reviewing my goals daily is enough to keep me focused on what I'm doing. I also use a white board in my...
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    Tips from other bloggers

    Yes! Time blocking is critical! I write every Monday night without fail. Sometimes it's tough, and my initial draft is a disaster, but I spend the rest of the week working through it. Typically, I publish and promote every Friday. Some weeks, this is a breeze, other weeks it's a struggle, but...
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    I'm curious - How do you overcome the fear of something new in your career or business?

    I love Tim Ferris's "Fear Setting" technique. Basically, you write down the worst possible outcome and then everything you would do to overcome it. In most cases, when faced with an impossible situation, we find a way to hit it head on and overcome it because we HAVE to. So, if fear is...
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    When your ideas are not encouraged, what to do?

    This is a super tough situation to navigate. Do your ideas require their buy in or time? It's difficult to recruit people into our initiatives if they don't see the long-term vision. What's in it for them? Do you need their help or buy in to help move your idea forward? If so, it's important...
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    Looking for a financial expert

    I'm a huge fan of Good Financial Cents and Wealth Hacker Labs. They are both from the same guy, Jeff Rose. I've learned a ton from his YouTube channel.
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    S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    Hey James! I have quite a bit of experience with the S.M.A.R.T. goals system, but I love how Michael Hyatt adds "ER" to the end for the SMARTER system. He adds "Exciting" and "Relevant" on the end and I think those are incredibly important. Your goals have to be relevant to what you're hoping...
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    What is Personal Development?

    I love Brain Tracy, and this quote is amazing! Thanks for sharing this!
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    Question about laziness and need feedback on my current mindset

    Hey psdev, It sounds more like you're suffering from a lack of purpose than lack of ambition. The fact that you're setting goals is great! It's also great that you tell yourself "I want to do this". It's important to amp yourself up. I suppose my question is, do you have a "why" for your...