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    Your greatest strength and weakness

    My strongest point is the way of accepting new challenges. I think every challenge is a new lesson. But the weakest point is, I am very emotional. I always try to make others(Only those whom I love) happy and forgets about myself.
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    You are what you think

    Yes, you are right.. There are many people who want to live happily and tries to take everything positively but destiny changes their lives. Many peoples keep themselves positive but they had a very bad experience of their past life. Positive way of life doesn't depend upon the positive...
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    What is Personal Development?

    Personal Development is the method to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. You should use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses and make yourself capable of achieving the things you want.
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    Men and Women think differently on 'what makes a home a happy place'

    Its very interesting... If women seek safety in their houses then men should surely be helpful to find that safety houses... Women always try to make home clean and attractive. Men find happiness to drag their things all around the house.
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    Do You Meditate?

    Yeah, its too tough.... I used to keep my mind free of everything whenever the religious prayers are said... Otherwise there is hardly a minute when the mind gets free of thoughts.