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    Personal Development for Young Entrepreneurs

    I think this is kind of like putting the cart before the horse. All the items in the poll are, each and every one, a diverse field in itself. I think the better approach is to ask yourself, what is the thing you can do best to help young entrepreneurs? If I were to start something like this, I...
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    Have You Ever Considered Starting Your Own Business?

    You can do business in a number of ways. One is to be an agent for other people's products. This is also called affiliate marketing. In some ways, this is the easiest way to get started. You don't have to produce anything. You don't have to hold inventory. You just sell and make money. Of...
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    How do you plan for a New Year?

    That would work. There is also another way of going about this which will also work. Start with a long-term plan. Then, break up the long-term plan into medium-term plans. After that, break up the medium-term plans into short-term plans. You will still be working on short-term plans which are...
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    Who are you collection ideas, thoughts, new inspiration from?

    My greatest source of inspiration is my religion. Everything I need to know can be found in the books of my religion. Of course, I read other books, too. Some of the ones I still remember are: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Time Enough for Love by Robert E. Heinlein.
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    What is Personal Development?

    Personal development is an ongoing lifelong process. Nothing remains the same, from one moment to the next. This is true for everything in the universe. Everything is in a constant state of change. The same applies to us. All of us change. The only difference between people who succeed and...
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    Finding Your Purpose to Fit Your Career

    Set a goal. Any goal. Just set one. Then get going towards that goal. As you go along, you make adjustments. However, if you keep on heading in the same general direction, you are bound to get somewhere. Definitely, you will get a lot farther than someone who looks for the perfect goal and...
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    Self-Esteem: Exchange Experiences!

    There is one way to raise your self-esteem to new heights. Find someone who loves you. When someone loves you, he or she will look up to you like you are a god or close to one. Your self-esteem shoots up into outer space. When someone loves you, everything you say is listened to intently like...
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    How do you plan for a New Year?

    Sounds like a plan. Having no plan at all cannot be better than having a plan, no matter how bad the plan might be. The simple reason being that, without no plan in hand, there is no concept of moving forward or backward or not moving at all. With a plan, there is something to refer to. We can...
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    The difference between being spiritual and religious

    Depends on what the religion entails. If all the religion does is set forth a table of dos and donts, then that religion will not lead anyone anywhere near to discovering himself, If the religion encompasses every aspect of a person's life, including, but not limited to, physical, emotional and...
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    Is Fearing The Fear The Biggest Barrier?

    Look on the bright side or the positive side, whichever makes more sense to you. True, people can instil fear in you. At the same time, people can also inspire you. Sometimes, just talking to someone can make you feel better. That's why psychiatrists can charge fees, basically, for just sitting...
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    How do you plan for a New Year?

    There are all kinds of plans, long-term, medium-term, short-term, adhoc, etc. Nevertheless, plans will remain plans unless we put them into action. Then we will find out whether the plan we are working with gets the results we are looking for. Of course, not everything goes according to plan...
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    I am afraid this conversation is gettng way over my head. So, I will have to admit that there is so much that I need to learn before I can contribute meaningfully to this conversation. Have fun, everybody.
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    Is PMA just wishful thinking?

    Thank you for an interesting conversation, @tomasoberg. I wish you all the best in whatever you are doing. Now I will have to put some time and effort into something I have to get done in real life before the year ends. Happy New Year, everyone.
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    Self-Belief: Tips to Get Your Mind on Your Side

    Talk the walk and walk the talk. Say what you want to do, then do what you have said. It's a very useful technique to help you get ahead in life. Too many people dare not even talk about what they want to do. As such, all their hopes are still-born. Lots of other people talk about what they want...
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    How do you plan for a New Year?

    2015 is a year of new adventure for me. After thinking about it for months, I am now working on creating an online tutoring course. I have seen how online tutoring has helped many people, both the people who created the online courses as well as those who used online courses. So, for 2015, I am...