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    3 ways to boost your confidence

    There are many ways one can build up self-confident, here are 3 practical ways I used to build up my self confidence Change your outside Changing your outside mean changing how your body act. You might not notice it, but a simple change in your act can mean the difference between fearful and...
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    Here's My Favorite Motivational Video - What's Yours..

    my favorite motivation speaker is tony robbins here is one of his video
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    5 Principles of Effective Time Management

    i totally agree. little do people know about how our brain work, but for student of personal development, we know that by schedule your day before you go to sleep, you will not only feel organize when you get up, but you also increase the chance of completing the task as well. some people say it...
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    6 tips to get out of the comfort zone

    i love your tips here, especially " trying something new" that is definitely break your comfort because new thing mean things you never even do before, and sometimes never think of doing at all because fear hold you down. but please be sure it is a good thing. trying bad thing like using drug is...