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    The 4-Hour Work Week

    Life is full of opportunities, but it’s so easy to miss them. Are you looking for a new career, a partner, a business idea or more fulfillment in life? Whatever you want, it may already be in front of your eyes without you noticing. Take this awareness test to learn more -...
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    How to boost up your career confidence?

    A hit on your confidence may be from any number of experiences – a failed business, a falling out with management, a personal life event. Yet, it is hard to make a change for the better because this diminished confidence is hindering them from making their next move. It’s a vicious cycle...
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    How to reverse negative emotions and seek fulfillment?

    Negative emotions tend to make us feel powerless, but the powerful effect of negativity can be quite useful. I’ve found that negative energy can be an opportunity to increase self-awareness. Think of how we feel when we’re physically hurt, the pain makes us aware of the wound so that we can heal...
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    What is the best way to convince someone that they need life coaching?

    I think you should show her success stories of life-coaching from your own network. Tangible change will definitely motivate your friend to take it up seriously