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    Hello, I'm new :)

    Hey Marlena, welcome (I am new too! :)). Greetings from a fellow Polish member.
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    Love, Sex and Lasting Relationships - The Hollywood Formula

    How about arranged marriages, are they doomed to be unhappy if we did not find the person ourselves but the parents did it for us ?
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    Do Vision Boards Work?

    I create a new vision board every year and somehow (!:) 2 of the things I wanted in life appeared half a year and a year after I created the board. The question now is: was my vision boeard just a reminder of what I want and I focused on it by doing things to achieve my goals or did it ''just...
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    Vegetarian child

    Hi, I am a vegetarian and planning to raise my child to be one as well ( until he potentially makes a different choice in the future). When do you think is the best time to tell him why we don't eat animals (for me personally it's the health and ethical aspect). I bought a book about it that I...
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    What's the hardest part of being a parent?

    My son is now 8 months so at the moment the hardest thing for me is figuring out how to help him when he is crying (currently teething so there is some crying believe me...). But I think that in general letting go will be my challenge..I want to protect him so much but I know it's not what is...