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    How to keep healthy?

    There are many ways to become healthy. Eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. Drink water. Get a good sleep. Exercise. Think positive. Praise God. There are many to enumerate all.
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    What exercise do you do to keep healthy?

    I walk about 15minutes a day. I also clean our house. I think those two activities can be considered as a good physical exercise and would not cost any cents. :D
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    Water is important to us!

    I agree with the importance of water. Since our body composed of about 70percent, so we need also to recharge ourselves with water. My registered nurse recommended me to drink at least 2liters a day.
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    Why do you pray?

    I pray because I want to talk to God, and He wants me to do it too. I pray to him because He listens to me. He listens lovingly. God is my Ultimate Best Friend, that's why I always communicate to Him through prayers.
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    Making Money Online

    I tried to sell dresses online, using my facebook account. I uploaded photos, put price and tagged some of my friends. My friends responded to it. They sent their orders through email, or chat. But, I stopped that selling online due to personal reason.
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    Does age matter?

    I definitely agree with all of you here. My brother's story is a good example for this. My brother married his former college instructor, who is 5years older than him. They have a happy family now. They are blessed with two healthy and smart kids.
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    Pet-Owner Relationships

    Since I was a kid, we have cat/s in our home. When I was a kid I played with them. My cat then was my alarm clock every morning :D , its feet scratched my feet to wake me up. But my cat today is just roaming our house.
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    What is your Tips to Maintain a Good relationship?

    I experienced also to have a failed relationship, but I'm not loosing hope to find and have someone that I can share a good relationship. I read all replies here, these tips will surely help. :)
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    Saying "I Love You"

    I would appreciate if he will do it. But if he doesn't , I will not force him. If he doesn't then I will do it for him. :) Though actions speak louder than voice as others said. I believe every people has a unique way of expressing their love.
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    Saying "I Love You"

    I think saying "I love you" a day is just a small favor to do for someone that you love. I think doing it everyday is not a big responsibility. This is my personal opinion only, maybe we women are born to like to hear sweet words. :) I think it would not strengthen the relationship but it...
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    How Many Hours you Spend in Praying Everyday?

    mslianne, I do the same here. I don't count the number of hours. When I wake up every morning, I pray. Before meal, I pray. Before I sleep, I pray. When I will go out, I pray. Praying is part of my daily routine. :)
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    why reading?

    Hi speedy :)! Allow me to call you sis too. I have a soft copy of that book, my friend sent it to me. I will happy to share it with you too. Maybe you can message me and give me your email, so that I can send it to you now.
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    In Love With A Wrong Person

    Somehow, I can relate to this story. One part of life, I was very much in loved with a man who is not right for me. This man is a womanizer. He fooled me once then I forgave him because I love him very much, but did it again to me. I took years before I realized to stop this craziness. But...
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    why reading?

    I love reading too. I choose books about faith, love and life. As you said we benefit from reading books, it also give entertainment to readers, and we exercise our brains too. I will quote here what the book I had read stated about reading books. From "The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy...
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    If you're going to live your life all over again

    Hi bright_light I think the part of my life that I want to change a little bit is during my high school days. I was a studious type during those years. Though I have lots of friends, I only joined few activities like dancing, and singing. I want to return that part of my life, to develop my...