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    What is your life purpose and how can you discover it?

    Great question, enjoyed reading everyone's posts. Thank you. I believe that part of my life purpose is to express who I am in my power freely from the inside out and elevate the human consciousness by supporting others to stand up for who they are, and re-connect to their Power and create the...
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    A Tip in Starting a Business

    Thank you for sharing all of your experiences and points. I agree with jcin04 and about working with what you do have because that is the golden nugget to start with and focusing on that first and then taking it from there. Like flad264 has said of course it takes commitment and dedication to...
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    Is having a master's degree vital?

    I think one good way to measure whether you think having a masters degree is vital, is what you think you will receive by completion of it. Regardless of the economic and social factors if you feel that it will bring benefit to you personally and it will be worthwhile than go for it. I think...
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    How can i lose my weight in 1 month

    Hello, I did a raw cleanse for one week and I lost a lot of weight for the first time I dropped 2 sizes down. What I tried may not be a fit for you however it is an option. I trust that you will find what works for you and be safe too.
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    When times are tough, Do you expect the best or the worst?

    Like you Dorothy, I always like to see the best of any given situation and see it as a blessing in disguise. Every experience is truly that, to shed away layers that no longer fit and to get to the core of what is happening so that you can get to a better place. If things aren't working, there's...
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    Be The Change you Want to See

    I love this quote too and like Joshua see 'being the change' about living life from the inside out and being the true reflection of who you are. Everyone's on a different journey and by creating life on your own terms and following your calling/desires you are paving the way for others to be...
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    Do You Enjoy Walking?

    I love walking and taking hikes up mountains. It's one of my favorite hobbies to get grounded and appreciate nature.
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    Do You Prefer E-books over Books?

    Great question. Up until recently I have always enjoyed reading physical books, however due to re-locating to a different country and selling all my books and giving them away I am noticing that e books on the kindle on the computer is far easier to keep and read.
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    How do you relax or have fun?

    I enjoy going to the beach and going for walks in nature, and generally being.
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    Is it possible to still have faith in God but not in the church?

    It is absolutely possible to have faith in God and Christianity and not the people who represent it, as faith moves through barriers and people. Faith is what keeps us going and makes it possible to create what we desire. Having faith is one of the greatest blessings of all. :)