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    Ideas for exercises

    I've researched a lot and collected over a 1000 of different small actions and exercises in different areas. I put them into this android app that gives me each day few actions from each area: My Dreams App For me its important not just to have the list of actions but to be persistent day by...
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    Do you use any personal development system?

    I take it that you liked the idea or the app :)
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    Do you use any personal development system?

    Hi, I actually created a system and put it into simple mobile app that reminds me what I need to do every day. You can download it and try if it works for you: My Dreams App on Google Play My system is mostly around making small steps every day in the right direction.
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    Self Improvement questions! Things to do in place of time wasting :)

    I would like to recommend this app on Google Play: My Dreams - Self Improvement It provides small daily actions that create the right habits and get you to your goals. Hope it helps.
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    Best personal development Apps and Books

    I'd like to add to your list this app: My Dreams - Self Improvement It is now in beta stage on Google Play and can be downloaded from this link above. It's main focus to provide small daily actions to improve yourself in different areas of your life. Let me know if it helps.