Put a smile on your face!

I couldn't believe it: He is crying! My forty-something-year-old friend is crying.

He lost his job.

The reason for his sadness is understandable, but I am still in shock that he's crying.

How to comfort him? What to say or do when your friend is crying in the middle of a busy downtown street?

At times like these, when everyone is under tremendous pressure of losing their jobs, it's not easy to be positive and give any kind of advice.

I had no choice: I must help him. What can I say when his family is waiting for his support?

"Put a smile on your face?" Ridiculous! In this state of the economy, many people are struggling to maintain everyday life, and my friend is just one of the thousands of people in a similar position. Would this fact be a comfort to him? I don't think so.

What tools do I have, except the