The Day He Felt Like Giving Up

"What goes around comes around. I knew the day was coming, but I didn't expect it so soon. After so many failures in the past couple years, I`m giving up. I'm not going to try anything else. It's over."

When Larry said that, nobody was ready with a reply. We knew he was going through a rough time, but "It's over," was a totally unexpected comment.

Who was going to take the plunge and say something comforting to Larry: John, Mike or me?

Carefully censoring my words, I said, "Larry, I know when things go wrong the very first thought is to quit. But if we can try to look at what we have done, not at what we have lost, maybe we'll be able to see that, in spite of our harsh words, we have done a pretty good job. As every one of us learns, it's not over yet. No one wants to lose the potential of tomorrow."