Habitual Negative Thinking: A Cause of Sickness

Commonly used thinking, known as habitual thinking, might cause an imbalance in an organism, if this habitual thinking is pessimistic or fearful. As a result, your body will produce more “bad hormones”, which will drive the organism out of balance, to the state of imbalance, or simply – disease. This is the simplest way to explain the correlation between thinking and health.

Thoughts that run through your mind will create chemical reactions in the body, and you will literally feel your thoughts. The process of human thinking is not just an intellectual process -- it is a chemical process, as well. By thinking, you create a body environment full of different chemicals, and your self-regulating system needs to take care of all these changes, just to keep your whole body in balance. This is not an easy job!

By thinking, you create your brain’s environment, and this environment will change brain activity. The brain is influenced by each of your thoughts. If you have the same thoughts for prolonged periods of time, you can change how your brain works, not just for a day or month, but possibly for the rest of your life. You have a choice to create your body’s environment according to your habitual thinking.

Whenever you think about very strong emotions, e.g. disturbing memories from your past, you are actually bringing these memories to life as though it is the same moment when you first started thinking about them. It does not matter if your strong memories are within you for a day or years, the physiological reaction will be the same. Your