Epigenetics, contrary to conventional medical science?

This is not a technical or scientific paper, by any means.

This is a popular, simple, easy explanation and observation of epigenetics.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, brought something new and revolutionary to the field of genetics – epigenetics.

He literally put epigenetics above the conventional science of genetics, (prefix epi means above).

In his book The Biology of Belief, Dr. Lipton explains the nature of genetics, basically saying that life does not lie within DNA, but rather within the mechanisms of the cell membrane; this concept is contrary to conventional medical science.

In short, epigenetics is the science of changing gene activity without changing genetic codes.

Dr. Lipton and epigenetics teach us that we have power over our genes. We are not victims of our genes.

According to many sources, epigenetics is the most important biological discovery since DNA.

Let me explain it.

In the human cell there are suppressor genes, capable of stopping cancer cells from growing.

Unfortunately, if these suppressor genes are hidden and blocked, which is possible in many different ways, they cannot be used, and the result is... illness.

According to epigenetics, by eating common foods (such as vegetables or fruits), and being in a healthy mental and physical environment, you can prevent illness by activating hidden or blocked suppressor genes.

Now you know how you are in charge of your genes: with the food you eat, the air you breathe, and the environment you live in,