Anxiety and Being Yourself



This is a story about anxiety and truly being you. 

Recently, my friend had a presentation, “Being Yourself”. What surprised me was how he has approached the topic and his problems with anxiety. After the meeting, we spent some time talking about his presentation. Here is what he had to say:

“This was a presentation where I wanted to give some facts on two of my problems: having anxiety and being me. This was my way of stating the fact that not being myself -- not fulfilling my needs -- goes very well with anxiety”.

I asked: “Could you please clarify your statement”?

“Well, if we cannot fulfill our needs, and cannot turn to ourselves for the answers when need it then we are weak and controlled. Being controlled by others could be source of many mental problems, including anxiety. As children, we were not able to turn to ourselves, because of our age and our parents. I will explain.