Welcome to the home of the articles written by author Jahiel Yasha Kamhi. Jahiel is a motivational and popular science freelance writer holding a degree, specialist in medical biochemistry, and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He is passionate about writing articles that helping people live more empowered life, with knowledge, passion and purpose. Jahiel is contributing writer to many magazines. He also delivers presentations that inspire others to find more meaning and balance in their lives. Yasha can be contacted at jasakamhi AT hotmail.com. These articles cannot be re-published without permission.

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When Life Doesn’t Go the Way You Want 13 January 2017
Is Sleep Deprivation Toxic to Your Health? 11 January 2017
Is This Damaging Your Brain? 11 January 2017
Change Yourself for the Better 11 January 2017
Is Positive Thinking Alone Enough to Change Our Reality? 11 January 2017
Can Fear Really Kill You? 11 January 2017
Is Stress Really Bad for You? 11 January 2017
The Human Brain is Designed to Help You to... 11 January 2017
How Stress Suppresses the Brain and Cell Growth 11 January 2017
Review of The Fear Cure 11 January 2017
Meditation: How to Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind 11 January 2017
How to Re-write Programs in the Unconscious Mind 11 January 2017
Are You Using 100% of Your Brain Capacity? 30 December 2016
The Art of Communication 24 April 2016
Achieving Good Health through Optimism 05 December 2015
Are You in Conscious Control of Yourself? 27 November 2015
When a Good Relationship Turns Bad 23 November 2015
Believing in the Possibility of Change 30 August 2015
Surrender- Is It About Giving In...or About Gaining Control? 25 July 2015
Where is the Key to Your Success Located? 25 July 2015
The Human Mind: Your Most Powerful Tool for Achieving Your Goals 11 April 2015
Expectations and Beliefs for the Best 11 April 2015
How Anxiety Affects Life 11 April 2015
Believe: You Can Change Yourself 11 April 2015
Acceptance and Surrender: Is It a Cure for Problems? 27 December 2014
The Science behind Love 27 December 2014
RELATIONSHIPS: The Source of Happiness or... Troubles 04 October 2014
Why We Need to Teach Others 04 October 2014
Anxiety and Being Yourself 04 October 2014
Your Male or Female Brain and Your Relationships 17 August 2014
Relationships and Stress 17 August 2014
A Life Without Worry: Is It Possible? 17 August 2014
The Human Mind: Is It Perfect? 17 August 2014
Male and Female Brains: Are They the Same? 13 July 2014
The Science behind Brain Exercise 19 April 2014
Is Your Success Internal or External? 19 April 2014
Is Your Food Killing You? 12 January 2014
What You Eat Will Affect Your Brain Function 12 January 2014
Human Emotions: Are They Good for Us? 12 January 2014
The Benefits of Focused Breathing 23 September 2013
What Is in Your Mind Will Determine Your Destiny 23 September 2013
Understanding the Ways in Which the Human Brain Works 23 September 2013
The Human Brain: The Secret of the Most Complex Organ 23 September 2013
Where Is the Human Mind Located? 22 June 2013
Habitual Negative Thinking: A Cause of Sickness 24 April 2013
Neuroplasticity: One of the Best Things about Your Brain 13 March 2013
The Human Brain - CEO of the Body 13 March 2013
Emotions: How They Drive Your Physiology 28 January 2013
When the Mind Becomes Our Worst Enemy 20 January 2013
Epigenetics, contrary to conventional medical science? 10 November 2012
Stress and Belly Breathing 30 October 2012
Anxiety: My friend with a “beautiful mind” 17 October 2012
Happiness: Make the best of everything 17 October 2012
Everything Begins in the Mind 09 July 2012
How to Control Our Emotions 09 July 2012
Everything you need to know about how the mind works 17 February 2012
A guide to the process of adaptation 26 December 2011
When they think of you, what will they remember? 26 December 2011
What Has Been Stopping You All These Years? 26 December 2011
Prerequisites For Success 17 November 2011
Does the Human Mind Create and Heal Diseases? 05 September 2011
The Mind Runs the Ship 04 September 2011
When Something Is Not Working In Our Life 31 July 2011
Who Is Running the Show of Our Life?, 25 June 2011
We Are Participants in Creating Our Lives 28 May 2011
Where is your Second Brain? 27 April 2011
The Meaning of “Whispering Hope” 01 April 2011
In Harmony with Ourselves 04 March 2011
Self-help books: Can we really help ourselves? 16 January 2011
What is above our genes? 30 November 2010
How to become a better creative thinker 11 October 2010
Can we teach our brains to think differently? 13 September 2010
The Day He Felt Like Giving Up 04 September 2010
The Trauma of Job Loss 15 August 2010
Greatness is how you choose to respond 15 August 2010
How many positive thoughts are in our minds? 15 August 2010
Is Genetics our Destiny, ---or Not? 01 May 2010
Can You Accept and Understand an Anxious Person ? 01 May 2010
The Quality of Life Depends on our Thoughts 01 May 2010
The Loss of Dreams and Expectations 05 February 2010
How to avoid costly mistakes in life? 13 January 2010
The Shame of Losing a Job 22 November 2009
Put a smile on your face! 20 October 2009
The Mind/Body Connection: Is it the best healing machine? 19 September 2009
How About More Spirituality 28 August 2009
Relieving Stress 22 July 2009
What should you do when you are stuck? 09 June 2009
Emotions and Health 09 May 2009
What is Hope? 06 May 2009
What do you need to build a meaningful life? 02 May 2009
Your Perception is Everything 30 April 2009
Workaholism 30 April 2009
What's Your Personality? 30 April 2009
What's Your Confession? 30 April 2009
What Should You Do When You Feel Down? 29 April 2009
What Makes Us Happy and Why? 29 April 2009
What Have you Done to Improve Your Life? 29 April 2009
What Creates Our Results? 29 April 2009
What Circumstances are Necessary to Experience Joy? 29 April 2009
What is True Prosperity? 29 April 2009