Personal Development Links


  • Attitude is Everything - Motivational resources to help you succeed from Jeff Keller, author of the best-selling book, Attitude is Everything.*
  • Get Motivation - Motivation Strategies. *
  • More-selfesteem.Com - Building self esteem and self confidence with tips, free courses, recommended books and lots more!*
  • Dare 2 Believe! - "A bold new approach to personal development". Featuring free articles, a free motivational E-Zine and a free E-Mail based Tutorial.*
  • Dr Wayne Dyer on Audio CD - From Nightingale Conant, World Leader in Personal Development since 1960. (p)
  • Empowering Personal Development - Jeanie Marshall, Author and Personal Development Consultant, offers practical strategies and techniques for your personal growth and self improvement. It's a positive place to read, explore, and find excellent personal growth and development resources. *
  • The Leader's Institute - Leadership and public speaking training to help you and your managers become stronger, more confident leaders. (p)
  • Learn Remote Viewing Ultramind Album - The Remote Viewing Ultramind album by Jose Silva is about exploring your inner space and unlocking your minds true potential to transforming your life, and achieving your goals. (p)
  • LQM-Online.Com - LifeQuality Management is an innovative personal development system for maximizing the quality of your life. The LQM concept is based on practical, proven and result- oriented business strategies. (p)
  • Personal Development by Uncommon Knowledge - Personal development products, self help and psychology articles and online training from this UK-based specialist company. (p)
  • Personal Development Forum from Uncommon Knowledge - Personal development and self help discussions in depression, anxiety, anger management, stress and relationships, addictions, public speaking, motivation, confidence building, self esteem, and hypnosis. (p)
  • Peter Bluckert Coaching UK - Providing world-class organisational consultancy services in the areas of executive development and coaching education. Now offering Postgraduate Diplomas in Business & Executive Coaching (UK), Coaching Psychology (UK) and Management Practice: Coaching & Mentoring (Ireland). (p)
  • Rasheed Ali's Conquer Your Adversity - Learn How To Conquer Your Obstacles and Adversity and Discover the "Secrets" of Success and Prosperity. (p)
  • Silva Mind Control - History of Jose Silva Mind Control. Biography of Jose Silva the mind control and mind science pioneer. Learn about his research and proven method to achieve greater wealth, health and happiness. (p)
  • The Silva Ultramind System - Offers the latest mind control method developed by Jose Silva designed to help people reach success, wealth, happiness, and health through self control of mind and intuition. (p)
  • Happy Life and Personal Development from - Created by Joe Rossini - a distinguished executive with 35 years of experience and wisdom to share with his viewers.*
  • Healing From Within - This site is dedicated to helping people create positive changes in their lives through compassionate counseling, Reiki, Tarot, articles and tips for personal growth.*
  • Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis UK - A resource site for hypnotherapy in the UK. How to find a hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy to help with smoking cessation, losing weight, self confidence and self esteem, motivation, phobias etc. Self hypnosis for self help and relaxation.*
  • Inspiration Sayings - A positive and inspirational place to visit. Find messages of inspiration to start your day on a positive note in these sayings. *
  • Motivational Self-Improvement - Self-Help Motivational and Inspirational resources on Self-Improvement for personal development. Motivational books, motivational quotes, motivational speakers to inspire you.*
  • Personal Development Institute - Whether you are looking at change or just considering your options this is the site for you. At the Personal Development Institute we recognize that no one individual is the same and the need for change effects us all in different ways, whether it's a new job or new relationships you will find resources, links, articles and information to help you make those important decisions you are now facing in a professional way. *
  • Voice of Jeanie Marshall - Offers empowering guided meditations for personal growth, greater awareness and realization of well-being, success, and deep relaxation. CD Albums and MP3 files for sale; free MP3 downloads. *


  • Della Menechella - Dynamic, motivational speaker provides organizations with high impact, content-rich presentations. Attendees 'learn it today, use it tomorrow' to profit immediately and achieve long-term results. Articles on motivation and achieving success.*
  • The Leader's Institute - Leadership and public speaking training to help you and your managers become stronger, more confident leaders. (p)
  • Life Esteem - It is the goal of Life Esteem to assist you in reaching your fullest potential for emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being in your personal as well as professional life. *
  • LJL Seminars- Learn about Lenny Laskowski's seminars, books, publications, audiotapes, and videotapes designed to help your presentation and speaking skills.  Free speaking tips online. *
  • LQM-Online.Com - LifeQuality Management is an innovative personal development system for maximizing the quality of your life. The LQM concept is based on practical, proven and result- oriented business strategies. (p)
  • Persuasion101.Com - Our workshops teach people how to enhance their creativity and how to become that persuasive individual. Clients also receive a monthly newsletter with thought provoking articles.*


  • Devi Press - Publisher of books in spirituality, mysticism, devotional poetry, and spiritual practice. *
  • Personal Best Coaching - Personal coaching that involves mind, body and Spirit! *

Books and Software

  • Cameron Method - A counseling system and book for improving your responses to life's challenges and opportunities. *
  • Guide To Self Radio - Positive Psychology on the Air - Guide To Self Radio - For the Latest in Positive Psychology and How To Apply It To Your Life.*
  • Maximize your potential with powerful tools... and no stress - A newly published book that provides a no-nonsense, step-by-step, easy-to-understand approach to maximizing your potential, combining powerful Eastern/Western self-development strategies to feel good today, tomorrow and forever. *
  • PSI-Tek Ebooks - Free downloads of life-changing ebooks. (p)
  • Set For Success - Offers a book to help you build a "self-evolutionary template".  Free newsletter.*
  • CompuMind - CompuMind Software, the computerized version of The Cameron Method, allows you to delve confidently below your mind's surface so you can produce the inner mind changes for the ultimate winning edge you seek. *
  • InnerPeace - Free self-help software to help you let go of issues that interfere with your inner peace *


  • Customer Service Coaching & Intuitive Consulting For CEOs - Karen.M.Good is a renowned customer service trainer with valuable experience in customer service coaching and intuitive consulting for top CEOs. *
  • Empowerment for Living - Using a synergy of various techniques (including NLP & Huna-Aloha), we are able to extract the core issues that are actually at the root cause of your undesired behaviors or issues -- done easily over the phone.*
  • Marshall House - Marshall House offers personal empowerment consulting for a positive mental attitude with a web site with free articles on empowerment, online audio meditations, and the WebAffirm Transformational process with an affirmation and exercises for each day. (p) *
  • Personal Best Coaching - Karen Hood-Caddy catalyses you to create Your Best Life. Free consultation. *