Suffering and self-actualization

Do we suffer?

We do suffer; most of us and most of the time. And most of our suffering is unwarranted.
Living is all about processing life events. Life events could be either 'external' life events or 'internal' life events. External events occur while internal events are generated. External events are real while internal events are imaginary.
Do we see external events as they are?  Do we see external events clearly as and when they occur? W e look at the external events through the veil of predominant mental attitude. Thus when our IDENTITY is with mind, we bring in subjectivity even while receiving external events. Upon the receipt, we process external events using the mind contents and REACT to the event, typically in an emotional way.

Thus instead of RESPONDING to external events in an appropriate way, we react in an emotional way. Reaction consumes life energy, sucks life energy account. And that is suffering. Thus, though we need to process external events, we suffer bec