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    im not sure if i should put this here if im not right sorry guys ^^

    All of us experience a lot of struggles some give us traumatic experience, some give us deep wound that can change our personality. like we may become emotional, sensitive, we may become insecure. or sometimes we get mad easily. We are aware of physical wound, physical wound can be healed, but there are other kinds of wound that we are not aware of. and we keep it inside of us for a long time. these are the psychological and emotional wounds. these are the wounds that we have but we are not aware of, maybe because we dont see it. but you know even if your bad parts of your life were already in the past now. it doesnt mean you survive it. of course you made it through . but you are not aware that you have wounds in your pyschological and emotional aspects. to know if you have pyschological wound or emotional wound . take a look at yourself take a look at how you see things take a look at your beliefs. is there a memory that you cant look at? do you feel pain when you remember something? did you become more hateful towards another towards life? are you thinking of revenge? do you feel weak? powerless? . there ways to heal your pyschological and emotional wounds but of course the first step is to acknowledge it

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