Self-Hypnosis application with effect tracking

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    Here it is:
    You can test any full session for free - JUST REGISTER

    We aim to help 1 million people make a positive shift in their daily lives. By creating motivation, power and confidence to take action and create the life that they want. We do it together, with help of modern technology and the natural power of Self-hypnosis which is presented to your subconscious mind by experienced practitioners worldwide. Self-Hypnosis provides wise, fast and an easy way to change.

    We know that life can be hard. That's why discovering this powerful tool can bring you a profound start to better future. We believe, that once you build the right foundation, you will begin to grow and begin to create what you want in your life. Our App will not only give you a hug or some useful advice, it will help you grow in many areas of your life. Choose hypnosis audio sessions to change effectively .

    WHY 30 DAYS
    We believe the 30 days is the right amount of time to give your internal GPS system a strong setting. We want you to begin living the way you want to soon and to stop wasting your time on why you have the problem. We guide you to let go of the weight of the past and to move forward with your future. We also know, that having a time frame for change, will help your mind prepare for the good to come.

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