can you be too smart?

Aug 10, 2017
its a fear i used to have. in my obsession to improve my mind. do you eventually lose certain things as a price. i always worried i would lose people. people live for joy. if you live to become smarter its like youre traveling on a parallel road that eventually will never intersect with theirs again. as it turn out you have to be a whole lot smart for that to happen. not nearly there. you could say autism is a form of that. but not really. high functioning autistics are masters of social manipulation. that the problem. a part of getting smarter is talking better. interacting better. manipulating better. controlling people. people arent bitches. fucking geniuses each and every one. just letting their mind rot on a couch in front of a television. but its still a super computer. anyway. the better you become at talking the more social you become. and the more others want you're company. i still have the fear it leads to solitude eventually. could be im just wrong.