"6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person"


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Mar 22, 2017
It shouldn't be a revelation that having skills which allow you to create value or provide for others will make you more desirable. Being unfamiliar with exercising useful skills seems like a post-industrial, consumer culture problem.

I baked three loaves of bread a couple weeks ago. I never made bread before, so I felt hugely accomplished for it. I gave one loaf to my mother, and took one to my work. My mother and a coworker were so delighted by the gesture; both said the bread was more satisfying than any they had in a long while. My coworker had stomach trouble that day and said the bread settled it down. He said he couldn't wait until I brought in more.

Their smiles and happiness over a concoction of flour and salt was surprising, but it really shouldn't be. These are the moments where I feel I am a real person. Making food, music, art, and helping others build and create. It should be a way of life, not a revelation.