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  1. mpsdyard
    When you ask questions,you may look stupid but if you do not ask questions, you will stay stupid.
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  2. White Sands
    White Sands
    Organized and Loving life
  3. Joseph F. Lahue
    Joseph F. Lahue
    I help people and businesses rediscover their happiness. Change your thoughts, change your life.
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  4. Peishan
    Living my passion!
  5. archieholmes28
    Over my dead body.
  6. KarenYvonne
    Put a smile on your face!
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  7. KarenYvonne
    feeling highly motivated today
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  8. KarenYvonne
    I love this forum
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  9. Dr. Damon Sprock
    Dr. Damon Sprock
    Communicating with scientists and religious leaders to establish a re-unification of science and religion,
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  10. Dr. Damon Sprock
    Dr. Damon Sprock
    Discovered how God consciousness has a quantum connection to human consciousness via the subconscious mind hologram.
  11. archieclarke32
    Draw me to Your side.
  12. zoeysmama2011
    Happily Parenting 1 :)
  13. Alisha Robinson
  14. Narkissos
    Exhausted... but growing.
  15. CynthiaD
    Womens Connection Network is an Empowerment Networking Business. We help you to Thrive, Feel Confident, and Live your BEST life now.
  16. Philip
    Personal growth is a journey to be enjoyed
  17. ashmonn
    Chasing The Better Me...
  18. ACSAPA
    Thinking positively and keeping my eye on the ball.
  19. MyDigitalpoint
    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” ― Albert Einstein
  20. Kris Deichler
    Kris Deichler
    "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi
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