Surrender isn't a dirty word

Surrender sounds like a dirty word. It conjures up an image of someone standing with arms held high, perhaps with a white flag, giving up to the enemy. In spiritual terms, however, surrender means to stand with arms outstretched, embracing the world. It is unconditional acceptance of what is. It is not mere toleration of any unpleasant circumstances or events we may face, but it is the joyful welcome we give to what cannot be changed. We do this because we are secure in the knowledge that our present circumstances, however difficult they may be, are what are best for us now. Thats why it says in the Lords Prayer, Thy Will be done. Not our will, but the Will of Infinite Intelligence.

What is a miracle? Some people believe it is when God follows our will and answers our prayer. Not so. If we want to experience miracles, we need to follow His will. So, if we must prayer, lets prayer not to be delivered from misfortune, but for the strength to accept our fate. We are given difficulties to overcome so we can rejoice in victory and marvel at the miracles we achieve.