Making the Right Mistakes

Are You Making the Right Mistakes?

Who's wealthier, A or B?

A. Bill Gates as we know him despite the mistakes Microsoft has made in software development and its legal defence?

B. An alternative-world Bill Gates who instead of founding Microsoft finished Harvard (with high honors) and became a world-class, bug-free programmer?

#A, right? The concept of Bill Gates writing perfect computer code probably made some of you techies laugh. But the "perfect coder" Bill Gates would not likely make more than $150,000 a year plus stock options, right? Few programmers make that much, perfect coders or not.

I made up this example to demonstrate a principle I've never seen described in self improvement and motivational works but which has been a great help (and -- mostly -- a comfort) to me.

The Law of Escalating Errors

Let's recap.

Every decent self-improvement book or tape will teach you to learn from your mistakes so you don't repeat them, right?

What if you made all possible mist